Yes, There is Class on Monday Night

Hi A-Team !

Yes there is class on Monday night, October 14. The school does not celebrate Columbus Day as a holiday. We are open for learning !!!!!

Portfolio Class: Last week, we learned about stay stitching and understitching by sewing a V-neck neckline. We also worked on our ½ size bodice. We learned how to make and insert a collar using bodice facings. We also saw a power point presentation concerning how to read commercial pattern envelopes. I snapped this picture. It is priceless.

On Monday, we will learn all kinds of things concerning home sergers. We will also have a guest speaker. It will be a fun night !!!! Don’t miss it. On Wednesday, October 16, we will be learning about hand closures and embellishment. This is another fun packed & full of learning class !!!!!

Patternmaker Class: Last week, we made some big decisions. We will be meeting in room 203 through November 21. All croqui sketches will be done at home. The sooner you get them approved, the sooner you can get started on your final project. We are currently working on our sailor collar bodice: Learning to manipulate all the tools included with Patternmaker. Learning the tool: Set Measure Distance definitely helps to accurately measure seam length. We also saw a power point on Designing on Croqui. This helped to clarify how to use the croqui to their full advantage. Going forward, I will explain how to use your croqui and PatternMaker to complete your final project. So…..come to class on Tuesday, with your croqui completed. Some of you need to scan in your book patterns and we will resize them with Patternmaker. Make sure you scan them in – .BMP format. In the command Resize, you can resize x and y separately to get a better fit. Wait to see how easy it is to make patterns for your original designs!!!! You will absolutely love the process……… You will be able to manipulate the basic blocks as you do in flat pattern manipulation or you can use Patternmaker’s patterns and manipulate them. By using the patterns, your work is ½ done for you.

I have one link for you. This link has several embroidery designs for you to grab. Remember, if you do not have an embroidery machine, get the designs in .PES format. Embroidery Billboard’s Free Designs are at the bottom of the page.

See you all this week !!!!!!!!

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