Wild First Week !!!

Hello A-Team !!!!

I always have a grand time meeting all the new students every semester. Twice a week, we will come together to learn and share our sewing experiences. Speaking of sharing, I have motivational quotes that I think you will like.

If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them. Unknown.

Every now and then, bite off more than you can chew. Kobi Yamada.

Be who you always thought you would be, today!!! Krysta Fenton.

All I can do is be me, whoever that is. Bob Dylan.

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. Marianne Williamson.

Plant Something. Dena Rubin.

On Saturday, we had a hot fandango field trip to Yardage Town and Central Sewing in El Cajon. Then we went to the El Cajon Bistro for lunch. This is a sweet little “hole in the wall” place that has the best food !!! See the slide show picture !!! Students from both classes were there. And of course I confused the students from both classes. Tailoring students bought jacket patterns and muslin type fabric for us to have a fitting. They also bought fabric to cut their tailoring operations portfolio. Sew Fun students bought supplies to make their sewing techniques portfolios and supplies to make their lifetime sewing kits. Remember to pre-shrink everything before you next class. Instructions for this are in your syllabus. The next Fandango Field Trip will be on March 14th. The bus to the LA Garment District and M & L Fabrics is $45. Contact Sew Pros for more information. It’s their trip. We just go for the ride. On this trip, we are going to go to a specific store: B. Black and Sons. This store has all the tailoring supplies we need to make bespoke jackets.

Tailoring: I need to make sure you all know the criteria for the patterns you need to get. The pattern needs to have: set in sleeves, notch collar, tailored pockets, fully lined, and 2 sleeve vents or 1 back vent. We are not starting out with making the jacket. So if you didn’t get your pattern, yet, Okay. You got time. We will be concentrating on our Tailoring Portfolios, first. This coming Wednesday, we will be cutting our portfolio patterns and fabric. It’s all listed in the syllabus. Note: Many of the patterns I have seen, are either missing the full lining or are missing the vents. This is okay. We will have a day, where we change the patterns a bit…… Patternmaking is a skill That ALL SEWERS need to know !!!! On Monday, we have a special class. You will be learning the difference between Bespoke/Traditional/Couture Tailoring and Contemporary/Industrial Tailoring. Remember to bring your fabric shears, seam rippers, darning needles, paper and pens to take notes.

Sew Fun: I had many questions as to what kind of scotch tape to buy. Just check the slide show pictures to see what ¾ inch wide green scotch tape is. And remember, the tape, itself, is clear frosted. I know…you all have this in your homes. It is great stuff. You can write on it. This Tuesday, we will be cutting out our patterns. You will need your paper scissors, the green tape, a gallon size plastic baggie, your printed portfolio patterns that were NOT printed with scaling or fit to page. On Wednesday, we will learn how to find and true our grains, layout our patterns, and cut our pre-shrunk fabric…… By Wednesday, you will need your complete sewing kits.

Here are some interesting Links:

http://www.scabal.com/en/world_of_scabal/history This site is all about Impeccable Tailoring. Notice the links across the top of the page.

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/41468/join-the-2015-half-scale-challenge-at-ase#ixzz3PzGngC4O Thank you Maureen for sending this to me. It’s a half-size contest. Make something that fits a ½ size dress form. I have one in the classroom, in case you want to see it. The entry deadline is August 1, 2015. This is when all complete challenge garments, accompanied by the half-scale dress forms for display, must be postmarked. Sounds like fun to me !!!!

http://www.stitches-digital.com/publication/frame.php?i=242834&p=&pn=&ver=flex Stitches Magazine. 68 pages. Always something to learn in here !!!!!

Those of you who were on the fandango on Saturday, know that my furry child Eddie, is in the vet hospital with Cystitis. Warren and I have been visiting every day. There is hope that he will pull through this time. The following links are for all pussy cat lovers to learn more about this terrible disease that affects male older cats. Eddie is only 14 years old.

http://www.catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth some good advice from a very opinionated vet 🙂

Sensible articles/advice.

http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&C=&A=611&SourceID= Sensible articles/advice.

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