Welcome to the Spring Semester !!!!!

Hello A-Team:

If you did not get this email directly in your in box, you are reading this from my blog. This means that you did not put your email address on the contact paperwork. This is okay, as long as you check the blog every Monday Morning. I always chat where we are in the class syllabus. And I usually have 4 to 5 dynamite links for your leisurely perusal.

Last week, was week one for the courses.

In both courses, we went over what we will be doing for the semester. And the students registered for the course.

In Draping, we didn’t get a chance to go over the measurement chart and the classroom etiquette. This week, we will go over these forms and go on to measure for computer input on Wednesday, February 6th. Remember to bring all the requirements for the measuring. It is listed in your syllabus. On Wednesday, we will have NO time to measure. We will be in the computer room, inputting our measurements. Dress in a tight t-shirt and leggings to be measured. Bring your measuring supplies. Thank God it will be a warm day, Monday night. On Wednesday, you need to have your USB.

In the Sewing Techniques Portfolio course, we got through everything that we were supposed to, last week. There was a crazy accident in this classroom on Thursday night. By accident, someone walked out of the room with one of my personal books: Shape Shape 2. Please bring it back. I know that you did not mean to walk out with the book. Accidents happen. This week, we can move forward. On Tuesday night, we will cut your patterns out. We will store them in a plastic baggie. Remember to Pre-shrink your fabric and interfacing!!!!! You will learn how important Grainlines really are. We will also begin to lay out our patterns on your fabric. The sewing commandment that goes with this, is number 12: Respect Thy Grainlines. On Thursday, you will finish laying out your patterns on your fabric. Then, I want you to go home to cut everything out. Cutting on the hallway floor is tough.

This weekend, we had the best time at our Fandango to El Cajon. We bought fabric in Yardage Town and notions at Central Sewing. We destroyed Yardage Town. At Central, we were more orderly. Everyone got what they needed for the classes. Afterwards, there were 6 of us, who went for lunch at Tyler’s Taste of Texas. A special shout out to Mildred who came to lunch and to Edith, who I could NOT stop hugging !!!!! During lunch, we re-planed our guest speaker for March 5th. I went to Central after our lunch and confirmed: On March 5th, Paula Rupley will demo both the Evolution and the Imagine’s specialty feet. Both classes are invited to come to this guest speaker demonstration.

Learning Links:

http://www.urbanthreads.com/free.aspx A free design from Urban Threads. Always download designs in .PES format, if you do not own an embroidery machine. This format is the most universal for home/domestic embroidery machines.

http://link.realage-mail.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?a=pi07bescbRqV8RkNqoMifmY- Heart Healthy News Letter.

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/29596/more-fortuny-yes-more/page/all An interesting article written by Kenneth King concerning Fortuny fabric.

http://britexfabrics.createsend1.com/t/ViewEmail/r/0342F7BA9E32D94A/20E7279942C142F2D3AB5F5EEC5F0895 The Britex Newsletter. Just remember this place is the cream of all fabric stores!!!!! Trust me, I do a lot of drooling there………………..

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=b8tdhpdab&v=001rq5EDIUvnj4PGBZNbtXl9jErC-vf7v82436FoTJ2L6xUqupIy23e3mUfoJDtqkAKkv5qVGtO_SVUh7jwo0jErk7hpAXrd-x4CoOJj5jWOCc%3D These are the cutest USBs I have EVER seen !!!!!

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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