Welcome to the A-Team !!!!!!!

Hello New Semester !!!!

For some of you, this is the first A-Team email that you have received. Many things will be discussed here. Most of all, I talk about where we were last week, and what to expect this coming week.

Last week, was the first week of the Spring 2014 semester. Let’s talk about this a minute. This weekend, I input your names into my master excel chart for attendance, grading, etc. I tried very hard to get the nick names correct. I could NOT accept the name changes until the school gives you a new CSIDs card with the new name and you show it to me. So what I tried to do, was put the new name in parenthesis, until this happens. I also don’t know if I input everything spelled correctly. So if you are reading this on the blog, note, that something went wrong with your email address and you need to send me an email so I can cut and paste it into my DL system.

Sewing Fundamentals Portfolio Class: The first day of class is always hectic. There is so much to tell you. This weekend, we had a fandango field trip to Yardage Town and to Central Sewing. I thought you all would buy packages of elastic. Yardage Town sold it by the yard. So, if you are buying elastic by the yard…..you only need ½ a yard of ban roll elastic and a ½ yard 1/8 or ¼ inch elastic if you want to do the extra credit. Central Sewing was terrific !!!! If they need to order an item that you want, all you need to do is pay for it and when it comes in I will bring it to the classroom. On Tuesday, we will be learning about prep work. You need to come prepared for this by pre-shrinking your fabric and interfacings, and your pattern pieces all need to be cut and put in a gallon size baggie. If you need further directions on this, it is on pages 6 & 7 in your syllabus. By Thursday, you will need to have all your pattern pieces cut out. On Thursday, you will learn all about fusing interfacing, serging and marking your fabrics. Prep work is the most important part of sewing.

Fundamentals of Patternmaking Fitting your First Collection: No one from this class came to the fandango field trip. This is fine. You know you are all responsible for the supplies. You won’t need them immediately. Now for the muslin you will need, Latrice found a great price on line. I don’t know about the quality. But the price is better than Joanne’s. Here is the link: http://www.pgmdressform.com/pattern-making-supplies-muslin-fabric-linen-fabric-c3_96/ Sometimes, I find solid color broadcloth for $2.99 to 3.99 and I use that.

Monday, we are taking croqui pictures of you or your fit model. I will take the 4 croqui pictures on my cell phone. I will be able to give you the pictures in class, at the end of class on your USB. So be sure to bring your USB to class on Monday and on next Wednesday. This is so you can design on your own croqui. Wednesday, we will be in the computer room 203. This will be fun. The teacher’s computer monitor is out. The class will have to watch me do this on one of the student computers without the use of the projector display. The program we will be using to do this, is Paint.net. You can get a free download from www.getpaint.net.

Links and other fun stuff:

The best part of Super Bowl Sunday, was the Kitty Bowl on the Hallmark channel. It surpassed the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet. They had 2 playoff games and then the super Kitty bowl. I laughed and laughed. Famous people came on as guests. Here is a link to the Hallmark channel: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/kittenbowl They also had the Kitten Bowl Locker Room and a tail gate party. I am SURE this will grow more every year !!!!! It was just great fun to watch. All the kittens are adoptable. That made it even better.

Remember we were talking about free embroidery designs? When you download these, always remember to get the design in .pes format, if you do NOT own an embroidery machine.

http://www.urbanthreads.com/newsletter.aspx This is a great site. Very hip. The polar bear on a bicycle is really cute.

http://www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/newsletter/20140203.html This site only has serious designs in it. This is black work of a Van Gogh painting.

There will be a fashion show put on by the San Diego Creative Stitchery Guild. This show is HIGH CLASS !!!! If you need inspiration come to the show !!!!!! The flyer and ticket instructions are below. I also included it as an attachment.





MARCH 29, 2014




Last day to make reservation is March 10, 2014





Questions: Bonnie Graham-619-289-7830 or Joanne Hill-858-272-8182

Reservations should be mailed to: Fashion Show 3646 Jackdaw Street San Diego, 92103

Please put all attendees and include their monies on one form if they want to sit together. Each table will seat eight people. Tickets are $35 each. Please make checks payable to:

San Diego Creative Stitchery Guild.

Number of Attendees: _________________________

Total Amount Enclosed: ________________________

Name of contact Attendee: _______________________________________

Email or phone number of Contact Attendee: ________________________________

Do not use Guest. We must have name as on ID!!!

1. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

2. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

3. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

4. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

5. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

6. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

7. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

8. Name of Attendee: ____________________________________________

Admiral Kidd Club is on a secure U. S. Navy base. All visitors are required to have permission to enter if not accompanied by military personnel. Thus, we need the name of every person attending the fashion show. Every person attending the fashion show must have a picture ID with them when they come on the base, and their name must be on our master list of attendees. No tickets will be available on the day of the fashion show. No tickets will be mailed, but verification of reservations will be sent to the contact attendee via email or phone.

Admiral Kidd Club is located on the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center U.S. Navy Base at Nimitz Blvd and N. Harbor Dr., across from Liberty Station. (N. Harbor Drive is the road going by Lindberg Field, and going in the direction towards Point Loma, away from downtown San Diego.) Go in at Gate Two, Laning Drive. There is a traffic light there. Go through the gate and follow the road around along the harbor to the end. There is a parking lot in front of the Club. If you are coming from Nimitz Blvd, take the left onto Harbor Drive and the first right (Laning Dr.) into Gate Two.

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

San Diego Continuing Education

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Fashion Department

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