Week 2 – Such an Exciting Week !!!!!

Hi A-Team !

The first few weeks of a class is always hectic. I understand. Don’t give up. Things will make sense………

I got an email from a student of mine, named Jewel. We need to send her all our prayers. She underwent surgery on February 5th.

Attached please find the February schedule for Continuing Education’s Career Development Services.  FEBRUARY 2014 CDS SCHEDULE.pdf

Because of my back problem, I found a massage therapist. Her name is Jeanine Peterman. She is INCREDIBLE !!!! Check out her website: www.soundtouch.co.

Housekeeping: If you sign out one of the school’s sewing machine you are required to put it away. If you let someone else use it, the rule is: The LAST person to use the machine HAS TO put it away when the class closes for the night.

Changing a light bulb on a sewing machine can be a trauma. So turn off your sewing machine lights when you walk away from the machine. In this way, the light will last longer and the machine will be turned off so that someone (something) can’t accidently run the machine.

The classroom has a tendency to get cold at night. Dress accordingly in layers. Once I pin it down, as to which days are the coldest, I will call facilities and TRY to get this handled. Last week, Thursday night was cold.

Collections: Last Monday, I took pictures of you on my cell phone. On Wednesday, we were SUPPOSED to go into the computer classroom and transfer the pictures to a one page croqui showing 4 sides of the body. This is because clothing is meant to be seen all the way around. Something went wrong and the computer classroom was occupied. So I thought of another way to do this. Originally, I was going to have you all use a free program entitled: Paint.net which has a learning curve. In our regular classroom, I printed out everyone’s croqui pictures and we cut and taped them onto a piece of paper. Then all that was left to do, was to trace the outlines. Diana was great !!!! She earned extra credit because she suggested doing the pictures in Power Point. This program is much easier to use. On Monday night, we will be designing our themed collection. By the end of the night you will need 12 related pictures. I do intend to help you by bringing in some books and an old VHS tape with lots of inspiration. I also have a PDF file to show you that is very motivating. On Wednesday, I will demo all the power machines in the classroom. Take notes and remember to read your study guide. You never know what will be on the written exam…………….

Portfolio: Last week, was totally devoted to sewing prep work. Last Tuesday, we “trued” our fabric on grain, laid out our patterns, and got the Okay to cut. The lesson learned this day: Commandment #12: Respect Thy Grainlines !!!! A student took a picture of how to change the bias grainline. She sent it to me, from her phone. BUT….she did NOT include her name so I could not thank her for sending the following picture. Notice that the new drawn BIAS grainline is exactly 90 degrees apart from the original grainline. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER SENT ME THIS PICTURE VIA YOUR CELL PHONE !!!!!!

On Thursday, we learned how to fusing on interfacing, serge our exposed edges and mark our important pattern markings on our fabrics. This Monday night, we will be learning how to use and take care of home sewing machines and sergers. There is a great handout on the blog about “Troubleshooting your Machine.” Don’t miss this !!!! Just always remember The #1 reason a machine can cause a problem is because of miss-threading. Check for the handout on the blog: www.sewalongwithjoanie.wordpress.com. On Wednesday, we will be learning different seams and seam finishes.

Professional Coat Making Tips using Wool: http://www.britexfabrics.com/blog/2014/01/27/coatmaking/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The%20Monthly%20Sale&utm_content=The%20Monthly%20Sale+CID_c6ac1f23763d36428ecd438346059121&utm_source=Email%20Marketing&utm_term=Read%20More

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