Week 2 of Fall 2014

Hello A-Team !!!!!

Jeannette of Yardage Town sent me the above graphic, I think it describes us all !!!!!!!

Last week was the first week of classes for Continuing Education. And what a week it was !!!! We ended the week with a fandango field trip to Yardage Town and Central Sewing in El Cajon. I do believe everyone had a great time !!!!

Sewing Fundamentals: Last week, I introduced the course to you on the first day. During the second class, we cut out our Sewing Techniques Portfolio Patterns, saw a demo on machine embroidery, and saw pictures of the supplies you need to buy on the fandango. It was also decided that on November 8, we will be having a fandango to the National City Swap Meet. This is where the Sew Like a Pro class wanted to go. On Tuesday, this week, come to class with your fabric all pre-shrunk. Make sure you bring your supplies. You will learn to lay out your portfolio patterns on grain. You will also be cutting your interfacings. Next Thursday, I will present a Demo and Do class. We will lean how to fuse interfacing with a press cloth, You will learn how to serge your outer edges, and you will learn to transfer your pattern markings to your fabrics.

Sew Like a Pro: We only had one class last week. The syllabus is complicated. BUY YOUR SWATCH KIT NOW. YOU NEED IT BY THE 3RD WEEK OF CLASSES. All the rest will be explained in time…… On Monday, bring your 4 gig USB. We are going to pick our topics for our textile research presentations and begin our computer research. On Wednesday, we will be outside doing fabric identification. Let’s really see if natural fabrics all burn to ash and all synthetic fabrics all melt.

Links and Things:

http://www.scabal.com/en/world_of_scabal/history This is a tailoring site. The world of Scabal. If you are interested in tailoring…..check this out !!!!!!!

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/38284/stay-the-fly-and-anchor-the-pockets?utm_source=eletter&utm_medium=eletter&utm_content=th-eletter&utm_campaign=threads-eletter All sewers have their own techniques. Here is an article for fly front zippers from Threads magazine. This article was written by my favorite writer: Kenneth King !!!!

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/37176/21-sewing-myths-debunked/page/all 21 Sewing Myths Debunked by another favorite of mine: Claire Shaeffer.

Events: San Diego American Sewing Guild Chapter & Mesa College Fashion Design Program



Join us for a delightful presentation as Bradon provides insight on the behind the scenes of Project Runway from a participant Perspective.

  • Do they really sewing a garment in 8 hours?
  • How can you shop at Mood Fabrics in an hour??????
  • Is Tim Gunn really that nice? And many more fascinating details.

Bradon will also share information on his design business, demands of marketing your own business, design details and sewing tips that he uses in his own creations.

When: Saturday, September 20, 2014 Doors Open at 1 PM

Where: Mesa College –

(Use www.Yahoomaps.com or www.Googlemaps.com for locations)

Room G101

7250 Mesa College Drive

San Diego, California

Cost: American Sewing Guild Members $20.00

(Registration preference for ASG members thru September 2nd)

Open registration begins September 3rd

Seating is Limited

Students (Must show ID at the door) $10.00

General Admission (Non-members) $35.00

QUESTIONS: Call Jackie Cruz 760-846-3356

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Use the PayPal link on the members only Bradon McDonald page at www.sandiegoasg.org website – password is the word friends




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Checks should be made payable to: ASG, San Diego Chapter

Mail to: Loyce Swedberg

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THE FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER Event: Fashion Week San Diego 2014. My daughter was in this in 2012. It is quite the experience.

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