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Hi A-Team:

What an exciting time !!!!! Last Friday night, there was a workshop concerning the Legalities of Fashion at the W hotel. It was all about ownership of Intellectual Property. 9 Students attended with me and my daughter Kate. For those of you who did NOT come, you missed a great workshop!!!!!! This is all part of Fashion Week San Diego. Apparently, starting in March, they have these workshops monthly. I will keep you informed. It was so good that I will go again. I also took extra folders from the workshop and will have raffle drawings in the classroom. Fashion Week San Diego starts Monday, 9-30-13 and runs through Sunday, October 6th. The runway shows start Thursday, October 3rd. Sunday, October 6, is the famous trunk show where you (the public) can actually buy pieces from your favorite designer!!!!! The voting for your favorite designer will happen on your cell phone., through the FWSD ap. Check this out on your computer. You can download this ap through the Goggle Play. It is a free ap. In it, you will have access to everything going on during fashion week. You will also be able to vote for my daughter Kate starting Monday, September 30th, through this ap. She is showing her stuff on Thursday night, October 3. All Kate’s clothing can be worn 2 or 3 different ways. Pants become shrugs. Day dresses become evening wear. You can check out her stuff under Ready to Wear and the Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth. You can see all the designers spotlighted from this page. Just remember to vote for Kate !!!!! (I am only the proud Mama.)

Thank God for Cell Phone Pictures !!!!!! Here are pictures of the workshop:

Exciting upcoming events: The opening of the NEW San Diego Downtown Library !!!!!! Go and pay this extraordinary place a visit. I can’t wait to go !!!!

The Saturday, October 5th, Sew Pro’s semi-annual Bus will be going to the LA garment district. I will be on this bus. There are things you can ONLY get in LA. If you are driving up, see me for the address of Ace Sewing Machine Company. This will be our meeting place in the morning. At 3 PM, we will be leaving the LA area for M & L fabrics in Anaheim. Make sure you bring your shopping list !!!!! AND if you are going to take my “Using your First Commercial Pattern” class, take the syllabus from the blog. with you. I will be there, so you can ask me questions and buy the right supplies. I ALWAYS bring a shopping list. Without it, I over buy.

Due to the events of this coming week……Next Sunday’s A-Team email, will be greatly curtailed. It will be just a bunch of pictures of the runway shows. I don’t think I will have time for anything else.

As to the classes:

Portfolio: We did some changing around of the classes. Our guest speaker(s) cannot come on October 7. They will come on the 14th. Because of this, some of the lessons will be given on different days than is listed on the Portfolio Grading sheet. Last week we learned 7 seams and 3 darts. Monday we will be learning all about pleats. On Wednesday, we will be learning how to use elastic and how to insert a regular sleeve in our ½ size bodices. What fun !!!!!!

Computer Patternmaking with Patternmaker: Last Tuesday, was the last day for sewing up our sloper test garments. The fittings are now happening in room 203 or the women’s rest room. I also started reading and explaining the patternmaking glossary that is on the blog. I still have more to go with this. Last Thursday, we started learning how to use all of Patternmaker’s icons. The question was raised about tracing patterns and increasing their size in patternmaker. Yes, this can be done. It is explained in our text book. I have a special set of historical patterns that we can practice on. This will get you to try out and use patternmaker’s tools. I will begin with this on Tuesday. (Don’t you know, that I stayed after class last Thursday, to remember where I had put those patterns. I have patterns from Vionnet and from Janet Arnold. If you want to trace your own patterns, you need to scan them in in .bmp format. I will explain the rest in class. While everyone is trying to trace….I will do more sloper fittings. Of course, my sloper garment fitting will be late. I haven’t even had time to cut out my pattern, yet. These weeks are just too exciting with San Diego Fashion Week going on!!!!!

I have one great link to share today. You can get at least 6 different creative sewing/embellishing eBooks here.

See you all in class !!!!!!

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