Two Weeks till Xmas, One More Week of Classes…

Dear A-Team:

It is more exhausting taking care of a sick furry daughter than it is taking care of a sick husband…..and that is saying a lot !!! At least a human can tell you where it hurts. Stella cannot. She survived a trip to the Pet Emergency Clinic on Saturday night. She is starting to eat tonight. She has lost 11 ounces so far. Being that we are only 10 ½ pounds….11 ounces is a lot. I am telling you….I am eating my heart out. Weight Watchers couldn’t stand up to Stella.

Several of you have asked about the Jeans article that Gwen has given me. The article is entitled: How Can Jeans Cost $300? It is from the Wall Street Journal. Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011. The top of the page says: Personal Journal. I do hope you all can find this article with the information I have given you.

The Classes:

Niche Marketing and Computerized Machine Embroidery: We are still spending Monday’s in room 209 to stitch out and Wednesdays in room 203 using Embird. This will continue till we come back from the holiday break. Then we will be in room 209 stitching out and finishing our hanging Chinese Zodiac. Mildred is doing a handout for our tassels. Can’t wait to see this !!!! I bought a tassel book that was so far above my head that all I could do was drool over the pictures!!!! I have seen some remarkable starts to our power point presentation plan. Remember in January, you will need to bring your lap tops to class to work on this.

Sewing Fundamentals: The Tote Bag: This past week, we did our course evaluations. We learned about fusing and marking, and we stitched in our pockets to the inside of our tote bags.

You will need to bring your green scotch tape to class on Tuesday. We will be working on putting in our plastic pockets. On Thursday, you will need some old ribbon. I will explain what to do with it, in class on Tuesday night. Don’t go out and by this. You will have something to use in your home. I am sure of it !!! On Thursday, (can you believe it???) we will be putting in our luggage zippers. If there is time, we will make our tote handles. Time flys when you are having fun learning new things !!!! The message this week was DETAILS FIRST !!!!! In any sewing project this is what must be done. I also re-did the grading sheet because I miss- added. I made putting in the plastic pockets, optional. Keeping up with me is tough. This will give you extra time if you need it. I made the pockets extra credit for 25 points.

With all the parties, last minute gift buying, and classes, life can be going at warp speed!!!! Breathe……2012 is just around the corner. Enjoy it while it lasts !!!!!!!!!!! It only happens once a year !!!!!!

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