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Sewing Fundamentals: So in this class, last Tuesday, we back tracked and made sure we all understood the joys of crimping. We also made our collars for our bodice jackets. Last Thursday, we inserted the collar and facings into our bodice jacket. This week, we are going to give your bodice jackets a little rest. We will learn how to machine applique, machine couch cords, and hand sew various closures, buttons, snaps, sequins, beads, patches and hooks and eyes. Next Thursday, we will learn how to sew 3 pockets: inseam pockets, lined patch pockets, and shirt patch pockets.

Sew Like a Pro: Just check the pictures to see what progress we made on your Upcycling Projects !!!!!!

There are ONLY two links this week. They are the BEST links. Download and print the Buttonhole Selection Guide for our Sewing Fundamentals buttonhole class on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014. These videos are from Sewing Machine Parts Online. You will find them VERY educational !!!!!

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