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I know, I said that I would not email, till after Winter break. But the following is just too good to miss!!!! Thank you for telling me, Jena !!!!

Check out the Women’s Museum in Liberty Station. 2730 Historic Decatur Road. Barracks 16. 12 – 4 (This was formally the Naval Training Center)

Wednesday through Sunday. Phone number: 619-233-7963. I think the following exhibit is FREE.

Behind the Glamour: The women who built the industry: 1920-1940.


This exhibit will include over 100 glamorous women’s compacts from the 1920s and 1930s from the Museum collection. In addition, original sketches of Edith Head and clothing of the era also from our collection.

I think the following exhibit is FREE. What a fun thing to do …… as a break from your crazy busy days before Christmas.

I also want you all to know, that there is a class on Monday, December 16, 2013, for the Using your First Commercial Pattern.

There is also a class on Thursday, January 2, 2014 for Computer Patternmaking.


Using your Fist Commercial Pattern: This past week, we worked on our individual projects. On Monday, December 16, 2013, we are going to use the time to learn some very different things, that are NOT included in your pattern guides. This particular class will be run like I run my Portfolio Classes. If you are unprepared, I cannot help you. Bring paper to take notes……

Bring your sewing machines to class.

Bring 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inches fabric to class. MAKE SURE YOU CUT THEM ON GRAIN.

You will also need one 7 inch regular zipper.

One 7 to 9 inch invisible zipper.

One plastic invisible zipper foot kit, if your machine does not come with an invisible zipper foot. If you are going to use the school’s machines, you will also need to buy this invisible zipper foot kit.

You will be learning: 2 ways to put in a zipper: Invisible and Exposed. Plus you will learn all about Thread Loops.

Computer Patternmaking: We are working on our final projects. Last Week, I brought in my Collectible Edith Head Barbie Doll for the class to see. The outfit on this doll, I am duplicating full size, so I can wear it. I am doing the project along with the rest of my students. On January 2nd, this class resumes. Hopefully, you will have had the time to work on your project at home. I know I will find the time, to work on my pattern. There are only 7 classes left for Computer Patternmaking in January.

Wish me luck: This Winter Break, my car goes into the shop to repair the damage I did, when I ran into a pot hole. Beware….San Diego pot holes are NOT good for your alignment.

Following is an interesting sewing link and article:

WAWAK Sewing 1-800-654-2235 or www.wawak.com Great Sewing Supply Place. Thank you Terrell !!!!!

The following article is from:

Amber Eden
Stitch magazine & Sew Daily

Use an Easy Industry Fitting Technique in Your Home Sewing

I have been taking a fitting analysis class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and I have learned so much about best fashion industry practices. Because the production cycle for making garments is so short and overseas communication is challenging, industry pros have developed some super-slick and efficient shortcuts for making pattern adjustments.




I will be sharing some of these in the coming weeks (I’ve been taking careful notes!), but today I want to pass on a really great basic tip that was hit solidly home for me when I did a tech pack project: Do your own fitting.

As part of the project, we had a fitting with a model, and each of us had eight minutes to fit a sample. For every tech pack (which are the directions to the factory on how to make the garment), we took detailed photos. These photos varied according to the alterations, but every tech pack always had three basic photos: a front, side, and back view of the garment on the model.

Now we all have had it hammered home to us the importance of making a muslin (and I admit I have often tried to short-cut this step), but do as I say, not as I do. Then try taking it a step further and put the garment on to take these three basic shots.

As you can see from my shots here, a picture tells a thousand stories, or in this case, at least a couple. It’s easy to see right off the bat that the crotch is too low and needs to be adjusted (more on how to do that soon!), and that the pants are too short. While there are some other tweaks that could help for a better fit, just those two can make a huge difference in the fit and look.

So next time you make a garment, grab a buddy and stand up against a white wall and shoot the garment on you from the front, side, and back. Stand naturally, but don’t slouch, shift your hips, or cross your arms. You will quickly see any fitting issues.

These fitting techniques work as well for men as for women.

See you all in class !!!!

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