Dear A-Team:

There will be class on Wednesday night !!!!! I am SO MUCH better !!!!! Thank you all for all your get well emails !!!!

Niche: We will have Quiz #5. I also have things to show you. Have you all started your marketing power point? How is your first Ad Campaign. We will be meeting in room 203 @ 5:30 PM.

Emb: We will continue working on our Zodiacs in room 203 @ 5:30 PM.

In the Portfolio Class: We will be doing hand sewing. I will teach you how to sew on sequins, beads, closures (snaps, hook & eyes), and how to sew on a patch or appliqué. You do NOT need to bring your sewing machines to this class. Bring your hand sewing needles, your thimbles, and your bee’s wax. You will need one piece of sandwiched 8 ½ by 11 fabric. This is one that you have interfaced and serged around the edges. You have also written on it: Closures. This will be a very relaxing and enlightening class. One that you will refer back often. The interfaced back neckline will be done on October 25 along with the 3 pockets.

Remember that there will be no A-Team email this weekend. I will be out of town.

A big Thank You to Jane for sending the following site for some free cute embroidery designs.

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