The Zippers are in !!!!!

Dear A-Team:

Draping Class: When I got home from last Thursday night’s class, I found the box of zippers on my door step !!!! I was SO happy !!!! I was even happier that I could give a 50 cent refund to each of you !!!!!! J & N Zippers somehow saved us money on the shipping……. So for 25 of you, I will be giving out the zippers and refund during Monday night’s class. HOW TERRIFIC !!!!! The bad news: Of course, I didn’t have time to put it in this weekend…….. Perhaps by Wednesday night’s class……. Keep up with your homework !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very important !!!!!!!!!!!!

We are in the process of fitting the dress form covers to our fit models/bodies. Stay on top of this……By the end of March we will be draping. I have had several emails concerning the way the help board is working. We will be having changes to this, on Monday night. We are going to have 3 lists: Those that still need to have their patterns fitted. Those that need their first slip cover fitting and those that are on their second fitting. IF YOU SIGN THE BOARD BEFORE YOU ARE READY AND I CALL YOUR NAME, YOU WILL BE PLACED AT THE END OF THE LIST. It just isn’t fair otherwise.

Couture Tailoring: Last week, we made shoulder pads and I TRIED to show you how to contemporary tailor. What should have been a ½ hour job….took me 3 hours. Then I went for a lesson at Central Sewing. STILL….if you don’t want to do this to your jackets, I have changed the requirements for contemporary tailoring. We will talk about this in class on Tuesday. For homework, you needed to do your bespoke tailoring on the left side of your jacket. This week: we will be making the pockets (welt, flap, patch) and bound buttonholes. I will show you how to tailor tack and how to do the lapel taping. I tried to get ahead and did the breast pocket….It brilliantly……started to pull out. I need to show you how to avoid this problem BEFORE YOU HAVE IT ….. I also want to show you how to press over a ham with a wet press cloth. This makes things very crisp…………

News of the day:

We are going to transition to online registration. Everyone needs to have a STUDENT Attendance Card. You can get a card at any of the 6 Continuing Ed campuses, not just the campus where you are taking classes. All students are required to have this card. Students do not need to be currently enrolled to get a card, just have attended in the past so that they are in the mainframe. ONLINE registration is coming………………….. You can get a card during office hours up to 6:45 PM Monday through Thursday @ WCC.

If you want to attend the San Diego Creative Stitchery Guild’s Fashion Show, the money is due before March 8th. I have flyers if you never received one.

Fun things to look at:

Thanks to Malvyn……….Go here to see half size dress forms. WHAT a great assortment !!!! Make sure that the base spreads out enough so that the half size won’t tip when you drape on it.

This next tip is incredible. Now…I am NOT saying to go out and buy this book. Nope, I am not. What I am saying is take your time: Click to look inside. I expected to see the table of contents…..what I didn’t expect was all the pages of ideas that they allowed to be shown. WHAT A TREAT !!!!! And remember what I said about first croqui drawings……………..that they WILL change as your knowledge, ideas, and skills grow.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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