The Week Before Thanksgiving Break

Oh Hi There, A-Team!!!!!

The days are really getting shorter. The dinners are getting heavier. Can’t give up Weight Watchers now…… During the break, if you have a question, just call or email. I will call you back in the evenings. My days are filled full !!!!!

First Pattern: I pushed back the teaching because doing the prep work for sewing is just THAT IMPORTANT !!!!!!! I still have 6 pattern fittings left to do. 6 fittings will not take me the whole class, so on Monday, November 18, I will do the fittings first….and then go over the pattern guides and start teaching how to fuse, mark and serge your fabric. This means on Wednesday, bring your own sewing machines and we will over care and maintenance. For those of you who will be using the school’s machines, be prepared with a Pfaff bobbin. During the break, you can finish cutting your fabric and catch up. When we come back, Monday, December 2, I will demo machine embroidery for those of you, who want to learn this.

Remember to cut your interfacing on grain for Monday night’s class. I will be looking for a someone to demo with……….on Monday night.

Computer Patternmaking: Tuesday is the final day we will be in room 203. By the end of the class, I would like to see your screen for your Perfect Final Project Computer Pattern. Don’t worry…..We have the program on the room 209 computer and I will be bringing my lap top in, if we need it. After the Thanksgiving Break, we will be in room 209 using our computer generated patterns to manufacture our garments !!!!! HOW exciting !!!!!!!! Hopefully, after I see your pattern in class on Tuesday, you will be able to PDF print and cut out your pattern over the break.

The following is Patternmaker’s answer to the DXF import file question.

From: Lane Holdcroft
Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2013 2:11 AM
To: ‘Joan McKenna’

Subject: RE: DXF files

Dear Joan,

Nice to hear from you!

Regarding your question about DXF import/export, I checked into our notes about PatternMaker’s DXF compatibility.

PatternMaker currently exports DXF version 9.

Adobe Illustrator (since version CS) can no longer open DXF version 9 but can open DXF version 11.

We have found that by converting the DXF version 9 to DXF version 11, PatternMaker should open the Adobe Illustrator files.

The preceding info is the about PatternMaker DXF output but you are talking about DXF input.

However I think that the DXF version is likely still the issue.

If you were to convert the Adobe Illustrator files to version 9, I think it is likely they would open in PatternMaker.

A good $40 program (that has a free trial) to convert between DXF versions is:


In DeltaCAD, under Options/Options/DXF export options, you can specify the DXF version to save in.

If your students try to convert the DXF files into DXF version 9 for PatternMaker, it should work. If it doesn’t work, please send me a copy of the DXF file so that I can check into the problem.

We are *actively* working on a project to update the DXF support in PatternMaker, but we have *no idea* when it will be complete.

Lane Holdcroft

PatternMaker Software

See you all in class this week !!!!!!

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