The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Capt. Jack Sparrow

Hello A-Team !!!!

This coming week, is the end of Sewing Fundamentals 1:  The Sewing Techniques Portfolio.   Last week, we learned how to make three types of pockets, and we learned how to hand hem.  We also practiced blind hemming with a sewing machine.  I personally do not like this technique, but it is good for curtains and drapes.  On Monday, we will be learning three ways to input a zipper and we will be having buttonhole practice.  On Tuesday, your portfolios are due during class.  Class pictures will be taken.  The week after this, will start Sewing Fundamentals 2:  Apparel Construction.  Sewing Fundamentals is now taught in 2 parts.  Each part will teach you to sew.  So don’t worry if you are just coming on board to learn.  Print, read your syllabus and come to class.

In our Computer Patternmaking Class, we are now back in room 208, to begin computer patterning our final project with Patternmaker.  For the past three weeks, we made muslin toiles to ensure that our measurements were inputted in the program correctly.  We worked on our final croqui images so that we knew what our final project will look like.  AND we made quarter size patterns of what we need to do in Patternmaker. What creativity !!!!!  How exciting !!!!!  

Links:      This fun video is about vintage sewing in the 1948.  Thank you Kelly for sending this !!!!  YOU WILL LAUGH at the attitudes portrayed.   The Joan Dress – This video is over an hour.  I have NO IDEA why it is called the Joan Dress.  I just could NOT resist putting this video in my blog.  She follows her pattern guide to sew the dress.  And she does an excellent job on putting in the back zipper.  A NEW take on shoes with Feetz…… using a 3D printer.  Ever wonder how a professional dress form is made?  Well here is your chance to see a video on it.  This video is for Alva Forms.   Get a cup of coffee and sit and relax.  There is really 2 videos here, back to back.  The first one, is a commercial for the second one.  Enjoy !!!!

I find my motivational quotes from the tag that hangs on the kind of tea I like.  The company’s name is Good Earth.    Here is my last motivational quote for the week:  The author is unknown.  Don’t let someone dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes.  

See you all in class !!!!