The Picture of the Week !!!!!

Hello A-Team !!!!

The following picture describes last week in both my courses:

Elo stitched out his name on paper !!

What fun to see what you can create when you start to sew !!!! This past week, both classes had the class: TLC for the school’s machines. From here to the end of the semester, both classes will be totally different.

Portfolio Class: We are well into our grading sheet “sew alongs.” This week, we will be learning lots of different kinds of seams and how to handle darts. Check out your grading sheet for 7/1 and 7/3.

First Pattern Class: We will be putting together our shirt back, yoke and fronts. Then I am going to teach you how to make 3 different kinds of pockets. If you decide to go ahead…..just follow your pattern guide. Just know….the GUIDE is not a GOD. If you have a better way of doing things….go ahead and do them…….. You are welcome to forge ahead. At the end, you may even have enough time to make a pair of scrubs pants……..

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Let’s have a great week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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