The Oscars !!!!

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Here is a link to see the Oscars Red Carpet !!!!

Job Opportunity: If you are looking for a job, there is an alterationist position at Beasley Cleaners. Call Julie. 619-421-2870.

Collections: Last week, we rethreaded the overlocks and had a written exam on the industrial sewing machines. Your design collection picture(s) were due on your croqui last Wednesday. Please bring back your graded exams. I don’t think I inputted the grades correctly and I would like to check this. This week, we will be starting our patternmaking for our collections. You only have about 2 weeks in which to get your patterns ready. Can you believe that our first Cultural Fashion Show is only about 10 weeks out !!!! Feel free to make up your muslin toile samples on the industrial sewing machines. Some of you, still owe me croqui collection pictures of what you want to do. I will collect these on Monday and return the collection pictures that I scanned at home. In this way, when you are going to make a change, I will know about it because your design will not match your picture(s). On Monday, I am going to show a way to get a bodice sloper….courtesy of Kathleen Fascanella. It is an interesting technique that you may want to add to your knowledge base. Note that Kathleen is the most incredible designer/patternmaker I know !!!!

Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned all about the serger and what it is capable of. You got firsthand experience on 5 different stitch set ups. And you got to practice on straight grain, bias grain, and knit fabrics. After this, Paula & Mike Rupley came as guests. She and I sparred on the differences and sameness between the Evolution and the Imagine Sergers. In my mind, Babylock produces the very best sergers because they practically thread themselves. On Thursday, we learned how to make a V-neckline with stay stitching and understitching. I also showed a PowerPoint on Reading Commercial Pattern Envelopes. If you are going to be taking the second half of Sewing Fundamentals, Using your First Commercial Pattern, it would be wise, to buy your pattern now and not wait till Spring Break. Remember how to buy your correct pattern size. This was the most important part of the Power Point Presentation. On Tuesday, we will be learning all about elastic insertion and sleeves. On Thursday, we will practice bodice facings, and the collar operation.

Links: Fashion and Law workshop from Fashion Week San Diego. If you have the time….GO !!!!! Thank you for sending this to me, Jena. This is the website for San Diego Continuing Ed’s Career Development Services. How to bind a sheer edge. Understanding Thread Tension.

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