The First & Second Week

Dear A-Team:

The first week of class is SO important. You need to register and get used to going to class 2 times a week. There are always supplies to buy and homework.

This Saturday, we had a fandango to Yardage Town in Clairemont. A great time was had by all !!!! Always remember that it takes time to learn a new skill that you will use for your entire lifetime. So if you couldn’t purchase all your supplies, or didn’t know what something was, there is always next week. Let me know your concerns. Everything is going to be fine. Relax.

This weekend, I had a chance to go to the SD Fair. I highly recommend it. I love the Home and Hobby exhibits. I love walking through the gem building, the flower displays, and the Bing Crosby Building. I even bought something that I will “use for the next 10 years…..” I bought an ironing board cover. It is made out of fiberglass. And it is slick. My iron just glides right over it. In sewing, you need an iron. It is so important that I even made it a commandment: Commandment #14: Thine iron is thy friend. You just can’t get around pressing as you sew.

Portfolio Class: Now that you all have your supplies, remember to pre-shrink like we discussed in class. On Tuesday, we will be layout our patterns on grain and cutting them out. You will need to mark your dots, lines, etc. We will also be having a serger lesson. On Thursday, bring your sewing machines !!! We will be discussing care and maintenance. Make sure you have sewing machine bobbins for the sewing machine you are going to use. If you are going to be using the school’s machines, you will need a Pfaff or a Bernina Bobbin. We will also be doing practice control sheets. I want everyone to learn to control their machine and not the other way around. This promises to be another fun filled, packed week of learning !!!!!!

Double Face Fabrics: I do intend to demo making bias sometime this week. I think it is important that all the component details are there, BEFORE you cut your jackets out. I want to show you my pattern and how I changed it to accommodate a bust dart. I also found a problem with the Butterick sleeve cuffs. The fixes are all easy. I want to talk to you about edge and internal seam finishes. You need to have a plan. Your plan needs to look good from both sides of the fabric. AND you need to practice this plan so that it is easy for you to do. I cut up some extra quilted fabrics for you to play with. We need to practice buttonholes before we do them on our garments. Walking off the sleeve in the armhole is a must…..especially if you are one of the ones that inserted a bust dart. Because I want to demo making bias, I didn’t have the time to cut out my fabric this weekend. I am SO excited to do this !!!! I hope you are too. This is a FUN and useful project !!!!!

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!

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Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

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