The Final Week of Fall 2011

Dear A-Team:

My C-CERT training is finished. I am now part of the Campus Community Emergency Response Team for Continuing Education. This training went beyond, first aid. I learned CPR, AED, Search and Rescue and more. It was a world wind PACKED 3 days. And the only bad part about it is that it started at 8 AM. Being a night instructor, 8 AM is an early call. BUT….I did it! And the training was worth it! If you ever get a chance to do this, do it. We can all be of some assistance during an emergency or a disaster.

Now back to day to day reality. My furry children missed their mother. This coming week, is the final week of Fall 2011. This means that I need to see your projects or you need to present your completed presentations for grading. Grades consist of ¾ of the courses hours + the projects, assignments, etc., that show course learning. It will take 6 months for the education to really sink in and for you to make use of it in your daily lives.

I am STILL working on the syllabi for the Spring 2012 courses. By tonight, I should have the Draping Course up on the blog. Check both pictures that currently say, under construction. When they stop saying that….the PDF syllabi is there. For the tailoring course, you can download your pattern to your USB from the blog and take it to Staples to wide carriage print. This will put you a little ahead. There will be a joint field trip on February 4th. I got the dress forms down to $159.00 in town. This is cheaper than the net, and the LA garment district.

Computerized Machine Embroidery and Niche Marketing: There were no classes last week. Last Monday was Martin Luther King’s birthday and Wednesday, the class was closed. So I do hope you were all busy working on your project and/or Marketing presentation. Everything is due this coming Wednesday. On Monday, I expect to see where you are. Yes, I will take pictures of your zodiac embroidery. As for your Niche Marketing presentations: both Doug and my husband say that you should save your power points in Office 97 – 2003. Microsoft’s compatibility fix only works in some cases. AND it may cause a problem later on. We are scheduled to do our presentation in Kathleen Swanson’s course on Wednesday. In this way, you will get to do it for the first time in front of a live audience. Remember, you will need to do this for your Angel Investors……. Practice is good.

Sewing Fundamentals: The Tote Bag: Thank you, Jaci for subbing for me last Thursday night !!!! I heard that you all loved the tassel sew along. AND I love her way of using the button hole stitch for a zipper stop. What a neat thing to do !!!! I also liked her bar hook suggestion. That will work also. I know you all loved her method of sewing with an awl. This prevents you from getting too close to that needle!!! It is a very good technique to know.

Last Tuesday, we worked on our Sewing Machine Covers. Tuesday coming, we will finish them up !!!! All we have left to do, is sew up our fashion fabric machine cover, press, and sew it to the lining. Then………Turn, press and stitch the handle opening of the fashion fabric to the lining fabric. AND we are done !!!! Maybe…..I will get to have extra pockets around the bottom edge of my cover. BUT….I don’t know yet….. I may just have to cut this extra fabric off.

I do need to see your completed project and take a picture of it with you, in order to give you a grade. Bring in your tote and your machine cover on Thursday, Even if you didn’t finish…..I want to see where you are !!!! You learned A LOT even if you didn’t finish.

The Final Terrific Links for Fall 2011 They have an insane new freebie that looks like a quote box for a cartoon. In it, is 2 symbols that form a sideways heart. Who’s to know if you don’t print the sideways heart and add your own symbols……………… Imagine the possibilities………………. And of course, their Punk Baroque Embroidery Patterns are to die for !!!!! Embroidery Library has a Flurry of Freebies. 4 to be exact….presented in various sizes. My favorite was the one with the snowflakes and birds. It just speaks to me !!!!

This is a MUST SEE from Nancy!!!! What fun. Turn to page 4 of the ad. Thank you Nancy !!!!!

From: Nancy
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 11:47 AM
To: Joan McKenna
Subject: zodiacs in Cost Plus ad

Hi Joan-

I wanted to let you know that embroidered zodiac animals like the ones you have are in the Cost Plus ad this week and are available as singles. The ad doesn’t show a string of them like you have but I thought you would want to know about it. It was this past Sunday newspaper. I hope you and yours (furry and otherwise) are well. See you Monday.

Nancy Sewing is offering Burda patterns at half off this week. If you are going to be taking my Tailoring course, starting Tuesday, April 10, it pays to buy this pattern NOW !!! Do not purchase these patterns as a download. Buy the regular pattern. It will contain the total size range the pattern comes in. Note: This sale ends 1-24-12. Nancy from Nancy’s Notions gives an 8 minute video demo concerning soft and furry embroidery animals. She is using a particular software, but I know, you can do the same thing in Embird, or any other Embroidery software that you own. She does a great job !!!!!

See you all next week with bells on my toes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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