The Final Push for Course Completion

Hello A-Team !!!!

Are you ready to present your work on the last day of your Fall semester class? Pictures will be taken !!!! Keep working at a steady pace. Don’t stress !!!!!!!

The final 2 weeks are here. Using your First Commercial Pattern has 3 class periods left. Computer Patternmaking has 4 class periods left.

Supplies to BUY:

From: Tre’ Frost []
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 1:55 PM
To: Joan McKenna
Subject: Embroidery Supplies for sale

Hi Joan,

I was wondering if you could send this out to your students. I have some machine embroidery supplies that may be of interest to them. See the links:


Tre’ Frost


Sewing / Quilting Product Video: Transferring Stencil Markings

Free Embroideries from BFC Creations:

If you have not tried BFC Creations, now is your chance. Because of their Free Downloads page, I have spent more money here, then I care to admit. Remember, if you do not own an embroidery machine, always pick up free embroideries in .pes format.

See you all in these final classes !!!!!!!

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