The Fabulous 4th of July

You all asked for a picture or 2 of how I sew in my home. So here it is. On one side of my tiny table is a window with a bird feeder. Eddie and Stella, USUALLY sit in their beds and get entertained by the bird. Of course, I couldn’t get either of them, to stay put for the picture. And yes, Eddie loves all his stuffed animals. Stella could care less. On the other side of the machine, is my desk. I cleaned it for this picture. In-between is my desk computer. In this way, I can work and embroider at the same time.

This weekend marks the end of week 4 of my summer Sewing Fundamentals course. Last week, we worked on our bodice-jackets. We made and put in the sleeves 2 ways: with gathers, and with industrial crimping. We made and put in our collar and front facings. This was tough because our seams were only 3/8 of an inch. We also made a half-size skirt with an elastic waistband. Last Thursday, we had a fun time, putting applique on our jackets. We also sewed on a patch. Then we learned how to sew on buttons, snaps, hooks, sequins and beads. Always remember the way I showed you how to make a thread eye. This is the way tailors do it. This 4-thread crochet stitch is very useful besides making thread eyes. It is strong enough to make almost invisible belt loops on dresses and can keep skirt linings from riding up.

This coming week, will be another fun packed week. We will start the week off with a lesson on pleats. In Tuesday’s class, we will learn how to make pockets. Wednesday, we will practice hemming and a bunch of new hand stitches will be learned. Thursday will be zipper day. If you want to practice how to put in an invisible zipper, you will need to buy an invisible zipper foot for your machine. If you are providing TLC for the school’s machines, there is a plastic generic foot you can buy for less than $5.

*****The weekend of July 11 and 12 will be the final weekend for the Sewing Techniques Portfolio. The portfolio is due on Monday, July 13. July 14th, is our personal image class. July 15th, starts module 2: Sewing with a commercial pattern.

Great Links: This is a fabulous patriotic song done in acapella. A fellow instructor, Kathy e-sent it to me. Choosing serger thread video.

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