The End of March is Fast Approaching

Dear A-Team:

The following is from Terrell. This visually explains March 2012. Both classes are moving so fast !!!!! I showed this picture to Eddie, my cat. All he did was sniff it. It did not make him want to be tougher…………

Draping: On Monday, I will still be doing fittings. God Bless Maureen and Mildred for their help !!!! A special “Shout Out” goes to Ruby who figured out a way to make the bust rounded after the bust darts go in. Some of you, have kept up and are done with or are ready for your final fittings. Remember, once you turn over slipcover for the final fittings, you will need to go back and re-sew each seam with default stitching. On Wednesday, I will be explaining how to put the slipcover on the form. I did the final fit on Paula Rupley last Friday. So she’s ready to be put on the dress form !!!! I just need to check if I have enough padding in the classroom. Remember to bring 2 yards of weighted cord. Tie off the ends and make a noose on one end. You need to tie off the ends, so that the lead shot won’t fall out – EVER!!!! I worry if a pet or a child would find this. One of the last things that is done, before the slipcover goes on the dress form, is mark the bust, waist and hips, side seams, center front, center back, and apexes. The marks are done with a pencil or china marker depending on the color of the fabric. Finding the lines, is done with the weighted cord. It will naturally tell me if your waist (wear you bend….not where you wear your pants) goes up in the back and down in the front. It will naturally show me your armhole curvature and where your side seams REALLY should be. So on Wednesday, come prepared to stuff your arm and take notes !!!!!

I also write a note to myself to explain the word “tolerance” as it is used in the industry. This is when a garment is in quality control. For example: The waist of the garment is supposed to be 30 inches. And the waist turns out to be 29. This is still within tolerance because the waist tolerance is + or – one inch. I worry about the biceps being in tolerance. I like them to be within + or – ½ inch.

Tailoring: I tried to demo all the pockets and the bound buttonhole, last week. I did not finish the last welt pocket. I will do this on Monday. I will then begin to show you how to put the upper and lower collar on. I was thrilled when you did the pockets with me!!!!! I did some sewing on the jacket this weekend. It now looks like a jacket. I sewed the shoulder and side seams. I also put in 3 sleeves. I need to show you how to bespoke the sleeve lining, how to sew in the shoulder pads and sleeve heads. This will all be done NEXT WEEK. This week, will only be the upper and lower collar. Breathe !!!!!! I slowed this class down. Remember to sew up your lining homework with ¼ inch seams. This will make the lining nice and big……which is what it is supposed to be.

Links of Interest to Sewers: I loved the buttons. A lot of work….but I loved the buttons……. There is a couture video by Claire Schaeffer in here.

Four Irish Applique Embroidery Designs.




See you all in class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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