The Creative Stitchery Fashion Show

Dear A-Team !!!!

Last Weekend it was the Fandango and this weekend the San Diego Creative Stitchery Fashion Show at the Admiral Kidd Club. What fun this was !!!! I counted at least 10 students and 4 San Diego Continuing Education Instructors. The salad was great. The fashions from the past were dead on historically accurate !!!! Terrell was terrific as Diana Ross! The workmanship of the current juried clothing modeled was impeccable! In 2014, the Creative Stitchery Guild will do it again. Mark your calendars!!!! Lunch and a Fashion Show are perfect to usher in the Spring.

Please submit the names and phone numbers of students participating in graduation. It’s very important. Those of you who intend to graduate and walk, need to send me an email with the exact spelling of your names and your phone number….ASAP. I need to turn this in. I know I have heard from my Sewn Product Program students. BUT, I don’t have your phone numbers anymore. Send me an email and I will compile the list and turn it in.

Come see me if you want to be part of the Historic Hat and Bonnet Contest in Old Town. The date is June 2, 2012. I have the entry forms. The time period is 1821 – 1872. If you are into hats……you should be part of this. The entrance fee is only $5.00.

Draping: Last week, we did the shoulder princess, armhole princess, asymmetrical and Kimono sleeve drapes. For 10 points, do one drape and make a pattern out of it with seam allowances. Monday we will conquer dartless shapes. On Wednesday, I am going to run the class differently. Bring your dressform, scissors and pins. We will be learning the “finer” points of draping. I already showed you how to mark your neckline with the colored tape, so I decided to throw in flounces. It will be an exciting class !!!! Check out the following picture. Can you figure out how it was done?????

Tailoring: Last week we did basic pattern fittings. This week, I hope to finish the muslin fittings. This will be the second and the final time we are changing the patterns for our fit and structure. I also want to show you how to cut 2 ½ inch wiggan and mark the lapel facing for bound buttonhole backs. This will be a great learning week !!!!!

Good to Know:

Embroidery Tips from Deborah Jones:

I hope that you are having a wonderful Spring season. At my studio outside Dallas, I recently had tornadoes all around me,
but fortunately I was not affected. Here are a couple of my favorite embroidery tips that I hope you will find useful in making

your embroidery the best it can be.

Small Lettering and Fine Detail
If you have trouble achieving professional-looking results on your small lettering and fine details, try using a thread made
specifically for this purpose. I’m talking about size 60 polyester thread. Most embroiderers routinely use a size 40 rayon or
polyester thread for standard embroidery. Size 60 polyester is strong but lightweight, allowing proper coverage without bulk
on lettering and small design elements.
It isn’t necessary to keep all of your embroidery thread colors in this lightweight thread variety, but it’s a good idea to keep
some basic colors on hand. Also, match it to size 65/9 or 70/10 needle size for best results. You don’t want your fine thread
swimming around in a large needle or you could lose some of the benefit of the finer thread type.

Removing Water-Soluble Topping
Mix fabric softener at a ratio of 12 parts water to one part fabric softener in a spray bottle. Tear away most of the water-soluble
topping and then spray the remaining bits with the fabric softener solution. It dissolves the small bits more completely and
quickly than water alone, leaving your creation with a nice fresh scent as a bonus. Just be sure to test your fabric for compatibility with fabric softener. Great Buttonhole Article.

Top 10 Home Safety Tips:

1. Keep stairs and walkways well-lit and clear of obstacles.

2. Install grab bars and non-slip mats in your bathtubs and showers.

3. Keep cleaners, medications, and any other possibly toxic materials in a secure place.

4. For Poison Help: 1-800-222-1222. Post this and other important numbers near EVERY phone in the home. Teach children how, when and why, to how to dial 911.

5. 5. Install fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Check the batteries 2 times a year. Practice fire drills.

6. 6. Use caution when burning candles and while cooking. Never leave an open flame or heart source unattended.

7. Set your water heater to 120 degrees F to avoid scalding.

8. Don’t put pillows, extra blankets or toys in a baby’s crib.

9. Anything that can fit in a child’s or pet’s mouth is a potential choking hazard. Keep small items out of reach.

10. Always watch children carefully when they are near water. Even a few inches of water can be dangerous.

See You All in Class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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