The Chargers Won !!!!!!

Hi A-Team !!!

I am really not a football fan. I am more of a Puppy Bowl fan. BUT……this being said, I am SO proud of this team!!!! I hope they win in Denver !!!!!

I finally got the time, and was well enough to go to Liberty Station and see the Behind the Glamour exhibit at the Women’s Museum. It is a small wonderful exhibit. It really makes you KNOW that there is a lot of work behind anything !!!! I saw 25 to 50 powder compacts. These were really really glitzy and fun. The walls had drawings by Edith Head. They were incredible. They also had period gowns on mannequins. The following skirt of a gown, is just as fresh today as it was then……in the 1930’s. Such inspiration !!!!!

Last time the class: Using your First Commercial Pattern met, we had a wonderful time. We had a Sew Along with Joanie class. We learned how to insert invisible zippers and exposed zippers. I also taught how to make a thread loop for a hook. If you show me your samples, I will give you 12 points. I will have my samples in class this Monday night.

Last time the class: Computer Patternmaking met, was last Thursday. We continue to work on the final muslin toiles from our computer patterns. Two students had fittings of their toiles. I got to take pictures!!!!! I am SO happy !!!! Check the blog !!!!! Note to Paula: I found a shoe pattern in the Butterick pattern book. This may help you……

We only have 3 weeks of classes left. I know you are all looking forward to finishing up with your required assignments !!!!!!!!

All the syllabi are up !!!!!!

The link of the week: From Interweave. They are all Free for all of them !!!! 10 pdf files of projects and information to learn from !!!!! BUT….there is a hitch !!!! You do have to sign up with your email address. Yes, you will get daily emails from them. Most of them, I delete. Then….every so often, you will get these gems…………. Signing up is well worth it !!!!! I LOVE the articles on spinning and weaving. Takes me back to my college years….when one night, I was weaving on a 40 inch loom in the weaving classroom and forgot what time it was. They had security phones all over. There were no cell phones. I had to call the college police to come and take me home. 11 pm is mighty dark, cold, and slippery in Syracuse, New York. Another time, I spent a night in the patternmaking classroom, and slept on the tables because the room was heated. (The weaving room was in a pre-fab and was not heated.) In the morning, the professor walked in and she thought I was dead. She screamed so loud !!!!! Apparently, no one had done that before………. And she made me promise I would never ever do that again……………………….

See you all in class !!!!!!!!!

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