Thanksgiving 2012 and Beyond

Dear A-Team:

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and a week off from classes. For looking back to see how far you have come. This is the time to assess what future things you want to accomplish. I know I will never give up and my list to accomplish just keeps growing……………. At some point in my life, I want to travel. I would absolutely LOVE to cruise to Hawaii and sew all the way there and back. That is 6 days of sewing on the ocean. 3 to go to Hawaii from San Diego and 3 on the way back. There are 6 days that can be devoted to different islands and tours. Then there is the day we arrive on the ship and the day we depart. What a two week trip !!!!!! I once figured how much a trip like this would cost. It was $3500 – several years ago. This paid for the ship’s room and board, and the room(s) to sew in. I was figuring to teach on the ship. And I wanted the classroom(s) NOT to be tiny holes in the wall. I stopped planning this when the economy took a dive.

If anyone is interested, send me an email. I need 50 students to pull this off. 50 students plus a spouse = about 100 people. It would be a great trip. We would go in off season….probably in August… get the pricing low. How about all of you? What do you want to accomplish on your life long list of things to do. So besides eating, think of what you have accomplished and where you want to go. Give thanks to those you meet on your journey. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

As to the classes:

Flat Patternmaking: Monday, November 12, was a holiday to celebrate Veteran’s Day. We must ALL give thanks to the brave men and women who go into harm’s way so that we can live the way we do. On Wednesday, we finished up our blouse #903, and started our torso sloper. We will finish up the torso sloper on Monday, November 26 and turn them in for grading. Remember to bring your manila paper to class. ALSO…….Remember, on December 5th, your flat patternmaking portfolios need to be turned in for grading. I have a handout for you on what you need to put in your portfolio. Next week, we will be learning how to copy patterns from finished clothing without taking the clothing apart. In the industry, this is called doing a knockoff. I also would like to see your croqui drawings of what you are going to pattern for your final project in January.

Using Your First Commercial Pattern: The Certificates from the Fall 2012 Portfolio Course are ready for pickup in the WCC office. Thank you for your patience !!!! On Tuesday, November 13, we had additional pattern fittings, and on grain layouts of our patterns for our pajamas. You were told to use the handout: Pattern Power Guide Sheet to see if you could find all the things that you will need to sew up your pattern. And once I checked your layout for on grain patterns, and you were given the okay to cut, I told you to finish the cutting at home on a table. This is ergonomically better for your back. All cutting needs to be complete by this Tuesday, November 27, 2012. This gave you all an additional week to finish cutting out your pajamas. On Thursday, we learned how to safely work the school’s sewing machines. We also looked over the school’s supply of embroidery designs. You could see, the school owns quite the collection !!!!

This coming Tuesday, we will be embroidering our rough cut pockets and serging around each piece of cut fabric so that it won’t ravel when you wash and wear your garments. This coming Thursday, we will learn how to fuse on interfacing and mark our fabric with the pattern markings necessary to sew up our garments. The two classes are going to blur together because you need to fuse your interfacing first. Then you need to finish your edges with either a serger or the decorative stitches on your straight stitch sewing machine. In other words….stop the ravel before it starts. Some of you can be serging while others are embroidering. There is enough time for fusing, serging, marking, and embroidering during the next two class periods.

Upcoming News and Links:

I am going to try and use the program, Mail Chimp, to see if I can send my A-Team emails to your email in-boxes. It will take me a month or two to get all set up. Don’t be surprised if one Monday, you go to your email, and you find one of my blog posts…… Know that I am working on this………..

Here are some interesting links that I thought you might like: Missi has put a free beautiful W applique embroidery up on her website. Learn exactly what diabetes is and how to live with it. Here is how to help the pussy cats that were affected by the hurricane Sandy. Keep your pussy cat safe during the holidays. I tried to copy the entire article here, but it didn’t work. This is a must read !!!! How to use a quarter inch presser foot. This video is great !!!!!!!

The following picture is from Lydia. It is titled appropriately: Baby and Mickey Helping to Find Fabric. I just had to include this picture here. THANK YOU LYDIA !!!!!! It reminds us that we ALL have children that like to help us !!!!!

See you all next week !!!!!!

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