T ‘was the week before Winter Break

Hi A-Team !!!!

We have 5 classes left to go before we get a two week break !!!!! Two Computer Patternmaking Classes and Three Sewing Fundamentals Classes. The 3 fundamentals classes occurred because there is a SEWING FUNDAMENTALS class on Monday, December 16th. The last class of 2013………….

Computer Patternmaking: Thank you Erica for giving me the brochure for Teavana !!!!! I checked them out online @ www.teavana.com. This is a GREAT site. So educational !!! Check out: New to Tea? The site is so good, that I decided to share it with the A-Team. In this class, we are continuing to work on our final projects. Everyone is working at their own pace. I am beginning to see muslin toiles. They look marvelous !!!!!!!

Using Your First Commercial Pattern: I am so surprised that the enrollment has dropped off. I had thought that everyone was excited to use their first commercial pattern. I know,….it’s that time of year,……when the pressures of life take over your desire to learn………….. All I can say, is that the smaller class size is GREAT for learning !!!!

In last Thursday’s class, I got to teach someone how to do a garment knockoff. This is a great technique to know about. It isn’t perfect…..it is your starting point.

Some of you, are trying on your pants, etc., over your clothes. Are you going to be wearing your garments OVER your clothes????? If not, then trying them on over your clothes will just show you that the new clothes will need major adjustments.

I have noticed that you are not pressing open your seams when you sew. If you do not do this….the final pressing of the finished garment will not be as crisp as it should.

Also……If you try something on, and you can literally see through it, then the garment will need to be lined. Come and talk to me and I will explain how to do this.

Here is a fun site to check. I did show this in class. There is LOTS of money to be made in the professional sewing field….. www.pajamagram.com.

I will be home for the Winter Break. If you need to ask a sewing or a class question, don’t hesitate to email.

This will probably be the last A-Team email till classes begin again, on January 2nd. I am looking forward to teaching the last 5 classes of the year.

See you all in class !!!!!!


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