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Dear A-Team:

I want to say, that this particular email had trouble going through.  I apologize if you received this two or three times.  I have been trying to work out the problems.

In Closing the Summer Semester, I would like to say that a lot was learned by all.  Including me !!!!!  I have updated the blog as far as I can go until I write the syllabi for fall.  Go there!!  Check out that right hand column.  It is full of new handouts and things that are coming soon !!!!!


Double Faced Fabrics:  This past week, was the final push to finish.  In this class, only one certificate was given for the completed garment.  It was incredible !!!!  Congratulations Paola.  Three other certificates were given out for tailoring.  I was proud of everyone and their efforts!!!  Two things were learned in this course….1.  Fewer pattern pieces does not equal an easier sewing experience.  And 2.  AND THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE !!!!!……..The next time you look at a pattern….see the creative possibilities to MAKE IT YOUR OWN !!!!!!!  I hope to see you all back for more learning opportunities.

Portfolio:  We also practiced exposed zippers, lapped zippers and invisible zippers.  On Thursday, we practiced buttonholes on woven and knit fabric.  The best part of buttonholes is the fact that you can stabilize the interfaced and faced fabric with tear away stabilizer.  The buttonholes look so good they almost don’t need to be ironed !!!!!   The portfolios were turned in to be looked at.  I took pictures of everyone with their portfolios.  There were 25 certificates given out.  If you want to know your grade, you will be able to email or call me after Wednesday, August 8th.   See the happy student picture above !!!!!

Last Tuesday we ALL learned that Steam-a-Seam can gum up your press foot.  Darlene, the SewCal Gal received this email.  She knows how to use Steam a Seam.  She emailed me the following.  It is cool.  Check out HER blog, too,  It is great !!!!!!!  Thank you for sending me the following……..

I’m really not sure why you’d want to use steam a seam either, for what you do.  Here are a few ideas that I think might show you times when it is handy:

– machine applique – it is a lightweight adhesive that helps to get the fabric to adhere.  Not used in the style of ME where you stitch out your placement design, lay down a large piece of fabric, followed by another placement design that you then manually cut your applique shape before satin stitch or other ME designs are applied. But if you use pre-cuts (e.g. AccuQuilt, Sizzix, etc) it really helps and this style of Applique is growing in popularity.

– Snippits embellishment is a way of ironing scraps of fabric to steam a seam and then cutting pieces into very small pieces and applying them to create a design.  You essentially can paint a picture with small snippets of fabric.  Steam a seam light is so lightweight, it works well for this application.  Very popular with mixed media art quilters.

– adhering any fabric to another fabric that you may want to further embellish or apply beads, threadplay, etc.

You may want to check out Interweave/QuiltingArts as they also show a variety of ways to use steam a seam for embellishment of clothing, which is very popular with young sewing enthusiasts.  Darlene is willing to come show us how to really use this product, when she takes her next class from me.

Looking toward the future:  Check out my courses for the fall.   Spring 2013 will have Computer Patternmaking and Sew Like a Pro: TEXTILE courses.  Now the Textile course is a two part course.  The first part, will be a Sew Like a Pro Portfolio course.  You can add to your shoe box or start a new portfolio.  The second part will be a textile course.  Learn all about all the different textiles that are available and how to sew on them.  Yes, we will be burning fabric samples so that you can identify things in your stash.  Next summer, 2013, I will put together an embroidery course and an unfinished UFO project course among the other courses I offer.  You will be able to bring in those projects you just couldn’t complete and get help with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last day of classes, I was most honored that someone gave me daisies.  Another person gave me candy and a beautiful necklace.  I would  LOVE to know who gave me the necklace.  Without a name, I cannot thank the person.  You all need to realize I teach because I LOVE turning the lights on a skill that can be used to earn a living.  Always remember that a career is built on something that you LOVE to do and others don’t want to do, so they will pay you to do it for them.

I am going to end this communique with a bunch of links to keep you busy for the rest of the month.  I will email you again, when I get the syllabi up for Fall on the blog.  This should be in about 3 weeks.

Links:  This is a fantastic organization in Alta Loma, California.  They don’t meet monthly.  Check out their guest speakers!!!!  Mary Lou Rankin will be there Saturday, August 18th !!!  What a treat.  Thank you for telling me about this, Diane.

Did you ever wonder what some of the ingredients were in some packaged food products?   Check out the Additives and Fillers chart that is used in the food industry.  See the chart that Terrell sent me.  Scroll on down the right hand column on the blog.  Beautiful FREE photostitched embroidery rose !!!!!   Before August 12, you can get a set of scientific mini symbols.  If you don’t own an embroidery machine, I suggest you get the designs in .PES format.  And while you are here, sign up for their newsletter.  Urban Threads can do NO WRONG in my book.  Their designs are edgy and stitch out beautifully !!!!! Threads enewsletter !!!!  For all you entrepreneurs.  CHECK THIS OUT !!!!!!!  Thank you for sending this link, Mark-Allen !!!!

See you all in September !!!!!

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