Summer Courses Have Been Approved !!!!!!!

Hello A-Team !!!!!

Yes, there will be a Drape Drape Garment Course and an Embroidered Purse Course !!!!!

Assemble one of more designs from garment patterns found in books: Drape Drape 1, 2, or 3. It would be a great idea for you to buy one of the Drape Drape books now. You can choose from 1, 2 or 3. You only need to buy one. Check them out on Amazon. These books were all authored by Hisako Sato and come in English Versions. Purchase only one of the 3 books. .

To see the embroidered purse we will be making, check out the purse in the upper left hand corner of the following website. I got Suz to give us a 20% discount on the designs to make this purse. Suz made up her sample in colored silk. I am recommending quilting cotton.

Stay tuned for further details !!!!!!!

It has been a very busy weekend!

We had a fandango field trip on Saturday to Discount Fabrics. This picture from Bull’s Smokin” BBQ says it all !!!!!!!

Other great news: Central has a used Evolve for sale. $1600. I know this sounds like a lot. BUT think about it. This machine does the cover stitch AND regular serging. It can do decorative stiches with 8 threads at one time !!!! It regularly sells for almost twice this amount. Call them for more details. 619-447-3244.

The next Sew Pro’s field trip to the LA Fashion District and M & L fabrics is scheduled for October 5th, 2013. I will be on that bus, will you????? Mark your calendars. The round trip ride is $45.

My friend Jackie has a large size foam dress form to give away. If you are interested, contact me for details.

Last week, the Portfolio class came to an end. I graded and took pictures of you and your portfolio. We practiced making machined buttonholes.

On Thursday, a new Sewing Fundamentals class got started: Using Your First Commercial Pattern !!!! In next Tuesday’s class, we will be reading our pattern guides, cutting out our patterns on our size lines, and trying them on. Yes, you will learn a bit about fit and patternmaking. Come prepared to work in class.

In Draping on Body Doubles, you got me to teach you how exact flat patternmaking can be when we patterned our draped straight skirt. This can be very scary. I won’t do it again. On Monday, we will be draping the torso without a horizontal seam line. We will also play around with draping bodice princess variations. Remember, your croqui pictures are due. I want to see how you would use your body double to design. Plus, we have a fashion show to put on, on May 17th……………………….

See you all this week !!!!!!!

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