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This Sunday’s Parade Magazine had a wonderful article about Steve Harvey and how he got to where he is today. If you got the Sunday Paper and happen to read this… know how great the article is. He says and I believe him:

“It’s never too late for success, and failure is a wonderful teacher; it teaches you what not to do the next time.”

Sew Like a Pro: Now that we have our garments to update, change, embellish, where do you begin? This was the theme for the week. We took before pictures and looked at what we are going to do. Now it is time to believe in yourself. Unsew, Resew. Make it work. There were 3 students I did NOT get to chat with, last Wednesday. So this Monday, Jewel, Rhonda, and Alicia will be first to get help. There are 4 students that did not take before photos for our hosts. Remember… do not have to take my opinions as gospel. You can critically think this out and do what you want to do. As Tim Gunn says: Make it work !!!!!

So I had a chance to visit the greatest trendy place in San Diego: Marshall’s. You can also visit TJ Max or Ross. I had the chance to see new ways to use neckline appliques. What fun !!!! Turn them upside down and stick them in your side seam. This gives you gorgeous instant peek-a-boo space right where you need it!!!!

Can’t wait for you to see a book that Maureen is going to bring in concerning Wardrobe Surgery !!!!! It is absolutely mind bending !!!!!!

Sewing Fundamentals: Last week, we created the corded seam, curve seam, flat-felled seam, and inset right hand corner seam. On Thursday, we practiced 5 serger seams on straight grain, bias grain and knit fabric. On Tuesday, you need to bring your McCall’s Pattern to class: M6972. We will also be practicing interfaced and faced–necklines. Next Thursday, we will be working with elastics and our jacket-bodice.

Fandango to Remember: Next Saturday Sew Pro’s is having their fall field trip to the LA garment district and to M & L fabrics. Call them if you want to go. 1-858-270-4700. If you are driving up, let me know and I will give you the address of where we will be meeting.

Links: The next Shake Out will be held on the third Thursday of October: October 16, 2014. Earthquake information.

Make sure you have earthquake insurance.

Sewing Newbies:

For those of you with children who have reading problems, I found that Dr. Stone has an exceptional method for teaching reading that works !!!!! Check out her latest book !!!!

From: Suki Stone []
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 10:40 PM
To: friends and family
Subject: Published E-Books

I have added a live link below so you can see and read the beginning of my book. It will be published also in paperback on Amazon in the next couple of days, but if you want to read a little of it click on the blue "here." It takes you to Amazon kindle to read some of it. Hope it inspires and excites you. Send it on to others who might have children that need to read it.
Thank you,
Blessing to all,

Congratulations, your book "Rethink Reading Strategies" is live in the Kindle Store and is available* for readers to purchase here. If you have republished your book, your changes are now live. Current Men’s Tailored Fashion. Note: Next Semester: I will be teaching Tailoring……. Monday and Wednesday nights…….

Dear Mrs. Joan McKenna
Father and son: the look for September
Royal Silk
Pellegrino Castronovo Couture at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2014
Scabal’s mill visit, England
Scabal store, Baku, Azerbaijan
Scabal is hiring a Content & Digital Marketeer

Father and son: the look for September

Sharing a special moment with a drink in hand at the end of the day, this father and son chose the following outfits:

Father: Casheen pure cashmere jacket, ref. 852272. Flannel & Saxony trousers, ref. 702817. Wool, cashmere and Ohio silk jumper, Tampa design, colour 11. Darwin 2 belt.

Son: Royal Silk jacket, ref. 852281. Flannel & Saxony trousers, ref. 702817. Dakota jumper, Miami design, colour 1.

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Royal Silk

The "Royal Silk" collection offers seven exceptional fabrics. This high-quality 100% silk was created thanks to the technical expertise of Scabal craftsmen.

The brushed finish of this fabric is similar to cashmere. It provides softness and warmth, despite its feather-light weight of just 210 g. The colours available range from beige to grey, with blue and violet in between.

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Pellegrino Castronovo Couture at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2014

At the recent F1 Grand Prix in Montreal, Scabal’s customer Pellegrino Castronovo exclusively offered his tailoring services at one of the most prestigious meeting places of the competition: the “Elite” tent.

The Prime Minister, the Quebec’s eminent Molson family and other VIPs attended this unmissable event and had the privilege of discovering this exceptional tailor.

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Scabal’s mill visit, England

In England, amongst the green, rolling hills of Yorkshire, Scabal provides tremendous knowledge and expertise in cloth weaving, skills which have been handed down from generation to generation since the 16th century.

The master tailors of Savile Row including such well-known names as "Ozwald Boateng" and "Gieves & Hawkes" had the opportunity during a recent trip to Scabal’s mill to discover the manufacturing process for Scabal fabrics from start to finish, a process managed by our highly qualified personnel who have a true passion for cloth.

Scabal store, Baku, Azerbaijan

Located on the edge of the Caspian Sea, Baku is a city full of contrast and vitality. The city with its rich heritage has been transformed in recent years into a modern metropolis.

Scabal with its partner store, has established itself in the historic center and business district of this booming city. The Baku team will be happy to show you the various Scabal products and services.

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Scabal is hiring a Content & Digital Marketeer

To bring you the best content, right on time, we are reinforcing our Marketing Department in Brussels. Interested or know friends interested? Do forward!

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