Spring 2012 News

Dear A-Team:

On the blog please find: The half size PDF pattern for Couture Tailoring Techniques in the right hand column. (This gets put on your USB. Go to Staples with the PDF and print this on their large format printer. It will cost you less than $14.) You will find links in the blogroll for 3 patterns in the right hand column. One is for Silhouette 4200, a Peggy Sagers Pattern. This is to make the dress form slipcover. (If you don’t know it by now, we lost our plotter and I have to rewrite the syllabi for Draping on Body Doubles.) If you are taking the draping course, order this pattern now !!!! It takes time to get……… The 2 other patterns are for Industrial Tailoring. (This course starts in April) One is for men and one for women. (No, you only need to buy the one for the fit model you plan to use.) These are Burda patterns. They are carried ONE AT A TIME in Joanne’s. I would suggest ordering these from www.sewingpatterns.com I have the exact link in the blogroll. I will try to finish up the syllabi next weekend and put them on the blog.


The Classes:

Niche Marketing/Embroidery: We are in room 209 for the rest of the semester. Last week, the Niche Marketers, had their last quiz. The embroiderers should now be starting to finish up their zodiac wall hanging. This coming Wednesday, we are going to learn how to make tassels with a sew along with Mildred. Thank you, MILDRED !!!!!! Last week, I sent out Mildred’s needs list. If you didn’t get one, let me know. The niche marketers, need to bring their lap tops to class to work on their marketing plan. This is due the week of January 23. The last day of class, we will present our marketing plans to Kathleen’s class. In this way, you will get the experience of presenting to an audience. You never know when and where you will find your angel venture capitalist.

Commercial Pattern Tote Bag Course: Before the holiday break, we sewed in our zippers in our side panels. This past week, we sewed our tote bag handles and side panels to the tote bag. Last Thursday, we sewed in our inside panels with the pockets. We also prepped the inside bottom of the bag. This Tuesday, we will finish up our tote bags by doing the final stitching in of the inside bottom. I ended class last Thursday by stating that we need to baste in our tote bag bottoms. This will NOT be an easy seam to sew. It took me an hour to baste this in. It is awkward to do this. BUT…by doing it, the final stitching will be MUCH easier to sew. On Thursday, we will start the sewing machine cover. And yes, there are things to learn by making this, also. We will be getting into the “fit” word. We will create an opening to reach inside the cover to lift the handle on the machine.

The BEST link I have found this week !!!!!

I want to pass along a NEW TO ME website for sewers: www.sewingdistrict.com. They have dropdown menus for forums, galleries, blogs, sewing patterns, tips, sites, magazines, online shopping, and sponsors. IT is a GREAT site !!!!! CHECK it OUT !!!!

See you all next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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