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Crazy Quilt 5 Watches

Hello A-Team:

Today and tonight just flew by !!!!!  I blinked and the day was done.

Draping:  Last week we were in the computer room making our dress form slipcover patterns.  This week, we will be sewing them up and trying them on.  Remember to bring your special 48 inch zipper.

Upcycling:  We started our textile presentations, last week.  We have our sewing operation patterns cut.  We also had 2 students complete their first upcycling garment.  (Yeah !!!!!)   This week, we will continue with our presentations and I will teach you how to mark your fabric.

Flat Patternmaking:  Still working on our first patterns.  October 5 will be the last time we are working on these.  We need to cut them out of Manila Paper and learn some flat pattern manipulation !!!!

Sew Fun 1:  We serged and learned some marking techniques.  This week, will finish up all our prep and begin to sew.

And yes, all classes will continue till the end of January !!!!! 

Happening at all campuses:   THE PINK PATCH PROJECT: Help Us Find a Cure!   Go to the office.  Patches cost $10 each.  Support Breast Cancer Research !!!!


See you all in class.