Someday is NOT a Day of the Week. Come to Class!

Fall 2015 Sew Fun 2 3
Sewing Fundamentals 2: Apparel Construction Final Class Picture
Bayside Sewing Room 1
New Classroom: Bayside Community Center Sewing Room

Welcome to Joanie’s Spring 2016 Courses !!!



Hello A-Team:

I just could not resist publishing these pictures.  They say alot about the classes.  You see the persistence of the students for Fall 2015.  And you see a ‘new to me’ classroom for Spring 2016.  Sewing Like a Pro will be taught there. 

Due to the fact that I am now teaching 5 courses this semester in 6 time slots, I do not know if I will have the time to write to the blog on a weekly basis.  BUT….if you sign up for a subscription, the blog will alert you to any new posts I post.   The sign up is in the right hand side column.  


I LOVE to pass along any learning links I run across.  I am still setting up my Spring Excel Charts, so I want to pass along the best link EVER !!!!!    This is the best way to modify sleeves so that you have arm movement for dance, theatre, and muscular arms.  Andrea Schewe does a terrific job talking about gusset modifications.  Plus there are 3 other videos on this page from the 2015 American Sewing Expo.  Enjoy.

See you all in Class !!!!!