Sewing Prep 101: How to Preshrink & Beyond

Dear A-Team New Sewers and Embroiderers:

The fandango to Clairemont Yardage Town was wonderful. Thank you Michele, the manager of that Yardage Town!!!!! We also had a great time at lunch. I went over the Feely Fabric Samples one more time. You can see this 2 or 3 times and still learn something !!!!

Portfolio Class Updates:

Because we missed a class, I didn’t get a chance to stress enough some sewing prep work points.

If you do not have the text yet, go to and download and read the following for Tuesday, 9/13:

4-104 – Preparing to Sew This will explain Preshrinking. You MUST preshrink your fabrics by Tuesday night’s class. You do NOT have to preshrink your notions. (You do NOT have to do this for the portfolio.) Page 2 goes over grainlines (Commandment 12: Respect Thy Grainlines.) YOU DO HAVETO CUT YOUR PATTERNS OUT ON THE CUTTING LINES FOR TUESDAY’S CLASS.

Also read: 3-110 and 3-111. This will help you understand about pattern markings. I will show you how to transfer the markings on Tuesday with your tailor’s chalk, china marker, tracing paper and tracing wheel.

On the 15th, Thursday, we will be doing TL for the school’s machines for both the straight stitch machines and the sergers. So if you want to learn on your own machine…..this is the day to bring it.

This will also give you the weekend to finish cutting out your patterns. On Tuesday, 9/20, we will begin to sew.

Note to Embroiderers:

You do NOT have to preshrink your fabrics. This was written in your syllabus because I copied all the fandango information from my Portfolio course. You will never be washing your zodiac wall hanging. AND you never ever….preshrink Stabilizers.

Also….I got an email from Master Doug the school’s IT person. He says that it is okay to buy our embroidery designs in room 203. I will explain in class. Thank you Doug !!!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!!!!!!! See you all next week !!!!!!

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