Sewing Job

Hi A-Team:

Did you catch this on the bulletin board opposite the elevator????

Portfolio: Last Monday, we learned all about sergers and we had a guest speaker: Paula Rupley. Mike Rupley also came. I couldn’t have kept up with Paula, if he wasn’t there. He fixed the serger I was using….on the spot! Last Thursday, we learned some hand stitching techniques: how to sew on buttons, closures, beads, sequins. Plus you saw a demo on Computerized Machine Embroidery. I was thrilled by your interest in machine embroidery.

Would you believe we have only 3 more classes left? In those 3 classes, we need to learn all about pockets, hems, zippers, and buttonholes. I can tell you now, that there will be no room for any extra credit during class time. You will be able to do extra credit at home.

Patternmaker Class: Of course I know the program well. BUT, I do not know everything. So this weekend, I spent finding answers to your questions. I found answers for everything in the manuals, except how to name an object and why I need to do this. So I have answers for Erica, Jill, and Lettie. I found answers to things that everyone can benefit from. I printed all this out and will present you with “mini” manuals on Tuesday.

Last week, we started patterning our croqui drawings. You will have till November 19 to finish your patterns. This is just before Thanksgiving Break. I will be around to individually help everyone. To make this process more fair: I will put the word HELP on the white board. All you need to do is sign your name under the word and I will come around to you, in descending order. If you finish early, you can go through the grading tutorials in Student Save. I also have printed out the manual directions for using the grading part of the program. During Thanksgiving break, you will be able to print your pattern pieces. If you have the time, cut them out and be ready to start cutting and sewing in room 209 when we come back from the break.

Central Sewing wants to have another 3 day Hands-on Serging Retreat. If you are interested, call Central and get on the list. They need 20 students to do this. The cost is $199 for the 3 days. They already know, I want to go. The dates for this are tentatively: November 21, 22, and 23. The classes are from 10 – 5 pm.

Did you see the Parade Magazine this week, from the Sunday News Paper???? They had an article about Hand Made in America. Crafting is definitely making a comeback. I will bring the magazine to class with me. Very interesting article !!!!

Here are a bunch of PREVIEW Quilting Videos that I found very interesting. You can preview these videos for free. As to buying them? That’s up to you. These are very craftsy……even though they are incomplete. They give you just enough to peak your interest.

See you all in class this week !!!!!

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