Safety First! New Plans for Saturday’s 11-12-11 Fandango

Dear A-Team and Miracle 10 Miles of Sewing Machine Dealers:

I am sad to report that as I watched the news all day today: Saturday didn’t get any better. The storm is coming and that is it !!! Running from store to store to meet and greet the sewing machine dealers is a great idea when it is NOT raining !!!! I worry about slippery roads. So here is what I am going to do:

At 9 AM I will be at Howard’s Bakery in the same parking lot as the El Cajon Yardage Town. I want to be available to help my Commercial Pattern Sewing Tote class purchase their Project Supplies and Life Long Sewing Inventory. This is the most important part of the fandango. If you have questions, I want to be there to answer them. (Someone called today, and didn’t leave me a message and I could NOT call them back.) After making sure you have what you need, we will have a group discussion as to if we should go on with the fandango. The next stop would be Central Sewing on Second Avenue. If the rains are NOT bad…we can go back to La Mesa Sew and Vac, Sew Pro’s, and El Cajon Sew and Vac. I have all the dealers in my cell phone and I will be in contact with them, as the day progresses.

Here is the fandango as it was planned:

Saturday, Nov 12, 2011: Fandango: The Miracle 10 Miles of Sewing Machines +

All my classes are invited to go on this ALL DAY fandango. Bring your syllabus, pattern and money to buy your supplies, notions, and fabrics on this fandango field trip.

9AM: La Mesa Sew & Vac. 5346 Jackson Drive. La Mesa, CA 91942 619-698-2972

See Berninas, Janomes, and Juki Sewing Machines. Meet the owners: Monika and Jerry Gassaway.

When you get out of La Mesa Sew & Vac, go back to Fletcher Parkway. Keep going east. You will pass Parkway Plaza. Stay in the FAR left hand lane. Note: once you go under the bridge of Highway 67, Fletcher Parkway’s name changes to Broadway. The RIGHT lane ends in a right turn only. Park in the Food For Less Parking Lot and cross Broadway at the light to get to Sew Pro’s. Check out where the El Pollo Loco is on your way to Sew Pro’s. It will be on your left –right AFTER Food for Less.

10 AM: Sew Pro’s. 393 Broadway. El Cajon, CA. 619-442-3100. Parking is tight here. See the instructions above.

See Elna and Brother Sewing Machines. Meet PEGGY !!

11 AM: El Cajon Sew & Vac. 987 Broadway. El Cajon. 619-442-2585

See Viking and Pfaff. Meet the owner: Jimmy Moore.

Noon ? Lunch ? There is an El Pollo Loco across the street and back toward Parkway Plaza. If you are NOT

hungry, or need a break….you can go onward………. (I’m going to need to sit down for an hour.)

We will NOW meet at Howard’s Bakery at 9 AM. Howard’s is across the parking lot from Yardage Town. Yardage Town opens at 9:30 AM.

1 PM – Yardage Town. 1043 Broadway. El Cajon. 92021. Phone: 619-444-3208.

Buy your fabric, notions, and supplies here. Do NOT buy Serger Thread here.

3 PM – Central Sewing. 1125 North Second Street. El Cajon. 92021. Phone: 619-447-3244.

See Babylock and INDUSTRIAL sewing machines. Meet the owners: Paula and Mike Rupley.

I am choosing to send out my one email this weekend, tonight. So let me move on to some of the great things that happened this week and what we will be doing NEXT week. Then it is off to sleep with me, so I am bright eyed, bushy tailed, and roaring to go in the morning.

In Computerized Machine Embroidery we stitched out a set of zodiacs and used Embird to edit the Monkey. Next week, we will continue to stitch out and use Embird to edit our bookmarks. Of course, this involves downloading free embroideries from the net to use on our bookmarks. All of this takes time and patience. The outcomes are worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Niche Marketing, we have a quiz every Monday. On Wednesdays we use our class time, to work on our Power Point Marketing Plans. And Doug, The WCC Computer Guru, visited Room 203. It is all fixed !!! Thank you, Doug !!!!

This week, was the first week for a new Sewing Fundamentals course: Using a Commercial Pattern: The Sewing Tote Bag. We had 44 students the first night !!!!! You are the main focus of the fandango that will be curtailed, but go on, on Saturday. If it is raining hard, at 9 AM….Wait to drive to the El Cajon Yardage Town. I will be there, when the store opens at 9:30 AM. Remember…..SAFETY FIRST !!!!!!!

Here are a few links for your “rainy day” Saturday Enjoyment: There is a wonderful Thanksgiving Machine Embroidery Freebee here. Plus I absolutely love their ideas. Makes me very creative. Good information !!!! We can all use help reducing stress in our lives. This fulfills one of the Sewing Commandments: #18. Expose thyself to historical and technical Sewn Product Inspiration !!!!! Thank you Bonnie for sending this to me !!!! You need to check out Darlene’s Blog. She does a terrific job !!!!!! In this edition of her blog, she talks about the embroidery designs created by Marjorie Busby.

Stay dry this weekend.

For those of you who want to brave the elements…..I will see you tomorrow. Remember: Safety First !!!!!

For the rest of you…..I will see you in class next week.

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