Prep Work………

Hello A-Team:

It seems that both courses are in a very similar place at the moment. You are both discovering that it is the prep work that makes the design, the PJs, the work, go easier.

Draping: Last week we draped Dartless, Bodice and Princess Variations. Your croqui pictures were due. Now, we will start draping our Fashion Show projects. Let’s see how close you come to your pictures !!!!! Note: when you work in pairs, you must cut the fabric for your drapes. You cannot keep using the same fabric over and over again. This does not do justice to the drape. The beauty of these “Pairs” assignments is to see if you can do things, that you were NOT exposed to. To see if you can figure out what to do from reading the text. Remind me to teach you how to use the 1/8 inch tape for necklines. You will be pleased with its uses. All this, will help you with your Fashion Show Project.

First Pattern: Last week we did fitting over our clothes. Realize that this will make sure that the PJs are loose: The way they should be. Once you start sewing your PJs, you need to keep trying them on without your jeans, etc. Last Thursday, we learned how to put our cut fabric on grain. We learned about the different grain lines: warp, weft, and bias. You learned that Commandment 12 is dead on: Respect Thy Grainlines. Because if you don’t…..the clothes will twist on your body where and when you DON’T want them to twist. The ONLY way to respect your grainlines in relation to your pattern pieces is to measure the pattern grainlines parallel with the edge of your fabric. These are hard lessons. I hope they stay with you for life !!!!!! This week, we will be studying the care, maintenance, and threading of sergers and home sewing machines. If you are good to your machines…..they will be good to you. On Thursday, I will be demoing the embroidery machines. You will LOVE what you see! Remember to rough cut your pockets in preparation for embroidering…… I will also show you how to fuse, serge and mark your fabric pattern pieces. Bring all your scrape fabric pieces to class on Tuesday. Remember your sewing kits. And yes….it is okay to start bringing your personal sewing machines to class. You need to be all cut by Thursday. When you cut your fabric pattern pieces out, leave the paper patterns on the fabric. This will make Thursday’s class go a bit easier. DON’T FORGET TO CUT YOUR INTERFACING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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