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Hello A-Team !

Somehow, some way, Cox Communications has denied me internet access. Thank God for Mr. Warren. Where there is a will, there is a way. He has made this post possible. I am grateful.

Note: I have a meeting on Tuesday afternoon. I will be arriving to teach @ 4:59 PM. I am glad I don’t have meetings often. This is a safety meeting. Very important!!!!

I found out some incredible information about reusable bags. Using just one cloth reusable bag can save up to 6 paper or plastic bags a week….or 24 bags a month….or 288 bags a year….or 22,176 bags in a lifetime !!!

Who went to Fashion Career Day at Mesa? Let me know. Comment on the blog. What fun !!!!

The Classes:

Flat Pattern Manipulation: We worked on making a pattern for a Bateau Neckline Bodice and started working on Skirt Manipulations, this past week. Skirt Manipulations will continue in the coming week.

Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned about grading, clipping, and under stitching an interfaced and faced back neckline. We also saw a Power Point on reading Commercial Pattern Envelopes. Last Thursday, we had fun learning to hand sew various closures, buttons, snaps, sequins, beads, patches, hooks & eyes. We also practiced making a raw edge trapunto machine embroidery. This coming week, we will be practicing 3 different ways to make a pocket and we will study hem stitches for different fabric grains and knits.

Come to class and master some new skills !!!!!!

Other Fun Stuff to do:

We would also like to remind you that our Best Project Contest 2012 is still accepting entries.. Remember, by entering the contest, you can win up to $500 worth of our designs! New entries can be found on the Entries page. Happy Embroidering! Advanced Embroidery Designs Be sure to pick up the free design, a basket of cherries, on the home page of Advanced Embroidery Designs. If you do NOT have an embroidery machine, pick the freebie up in the .pes format.

Remember to sign up for Central Sewing’s Anita Goodesign Event. Call for details: 619-447-3244. There is a free applique R here. Cute Halloween freebie here.

Due to the internet problems of my home, I am going to keep this post shorter than usual……just to be sure it goes through to the blog.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!

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