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Sewing Fundamentals:  Last week, Jeanne had you cut your portfolio patterns and showed you a power point of supplies that you will need to buy.  Then last Tuesday, we went on a field trip to buy supplies.  Not many students showed, due to the rain, but a good time was had by all who came !!!!  This coming week, we will learn how to lay out and cut our patterns correctly on grain.  What fun !!!!  Here is what I wrote in the syllabus, about the upcoming week.

Week 3:  Mon  Sept 21Fabric Prep work is the most important part of sewing:  Totally take notes on this lesson if you come unprepared !!!!  Truing your fabric on grain, Layout your portfolio patterns on your preshrunk fabric.  (View the pictures:  Finding Grainlines & Layout.)  Remember to:  1.  Lay everything on grain.  2.  Get an okay from the instructor to cut.   Production Term of the Day is commandment #12:  Respect Thy Grainlines.  Remember to cut your interfacing:  WOVEN:  Back neck facing, Front facing, Collar, V-neck facing, Two 8 ½ x 11 sheets (woven buttonholes and closures).  KNIT interfacing for one 9 x 4 inch pattern pieces. Check what is written on your pattern pieces.  Homework:  What you do not finish in class, you will need to do at home.  Come to class tomorrow with everything cut out on grain.  Remember to bring Scrap Fabric to all classes plus all your cut out fabric pattern pieces and patterns.  Individual and Group Help.  

Tues Sept 22 – More Prep Work:  Demo & Do:  Fusing interfacing with a press cloth, Serging, and Marking:  Darts:  regular 4 & fisheye 2, Dots (inseam pocket, shoulder on sleeve), lines, corners, swirl, wrist ruffle.  Commandment #14:  Thine Iron is Thy Friend.  Learn to give TLC to the school’s sergers.  Homework:  Finish up what you didn’t get to complete in class.  Individual and Group Help.  Remember to bring Scrap Fabric to all classes plus all your cut out fabric pattern pieces and patterns.  Individual and Group Help.

Computer Patternmaking with Patternmaker:  Last week, we made our croqui pictures.  These will be used to design on.  Remember, to draw as if someone else will be making up your garment.  We also started researching what we want to design.  For the next 2 weeks, we will have an introduction to Patternmaker’s icons and menus.    

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Enjoy !!!!!       See you all in class this week !!!!!

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