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Dear A-Team:

Thank you very much for responding to my open enrollment call last week !!!! I am just thrilled to announce I have 9 new students. Thank you very very much.

I also want you to know that I have figured out the needs list for our upcoming Sewing Fundamentals: Tote Bag Course that will start on November 8th. Of course, I didn’t have time to finish the syllabi, but I will put it on the blog, when I do. (I need to tone down my photocopying, so I will not be giving out copies of the syllabus. You will have to print from the pdf file on the blog) I want to call about the specialty zipper that we need and I want to price out a wonderful product called: Timtex. This heavy weight product is just what we need for the tote bag side walls. I just don’t know where we can get this in San Diego. If any of you have bought this product, before, let me know where you got it. (You can definitely buy it on the net.)

Supply needs for the Sewing Tote Bag Course:

Simplicity Pattern 3776

1 yard (20 inches wide)Timtex

2 ½ yards (44 inches wide) Quilted Fabric

2 ½ yards (45 inches wide) Medium weight Poly-cotton Fabric for the Lining

4 packages (2 ½ yards each) Maxi Piping

1 48 inch luggage zipper (I have one to show you in class)

OR….. 2 24 inch heavy weight zippers with closed ends (Nylon or Metal. NOT Plastic)

8 gallon size Ziploc baggies

Dual Duty all purpose thread to match the project

½ yard (2 inches wide) Velcro (optional)

Can you believe that this course is starting in a month???? Special thanks goes out to Diana who tried to get me to write up the A-Team email early to tell you about the Joanne’s sale on Simplicity Patterns.

In the courses:

Embroidery/Niche Marketing

The embroidery course has stitchout out Mondays. On Wednesdays, we are in the computer lab massaging our designs to be stitched out the following Monday. We are moving along as a fast rate. Last week, we massaged the rabbit and the rat. Everyone is easily picking up the Embird skills. I know, once you are finished with the stitchouts, and the Chinese hanging, you will need a second project. So as discussed, it will be bookmarks. This is NOT a push. Let’s finish one project at a time. I have the stuffing for the Chinese Zodiacs. Swan has stuffed several. They are really really cute. I will be bringing in yarn that is fine enough for the tails. This stuff is better than the DMC thread that I originally thought we should use. I also have some heavy thread so you can string your zodiacs. I have enough yarn and thread to share with the entire embroidery class.

Mondays is quiz day on our reading for Niche Marketing. Wednesdays is work day on the computers in the computer lab. You should be working on your first ad campaign and the marketing plan. Don’t leave these things till the end. The thinking that needs to go into them to WOW your niche audience to buy your product or service needs a great deal of thought. Our text: New Rules teaches us to have appealing content for your audience. Red Fire Branding discussed what’s in a name this week. I laughed and laughed as I read it.

Last week, in the Portfolio course, we learned all about Elastic, Sleeve Caps, and Serger Stitches. This week we will learn how to handle darts, and pleats. Each week, is now building on the skills you learned the previous week. You will be ready to learn to read and understand a commercial pattern by November 8th.

Thank you all for supporting my courses.

Now for some great links:

It is painfully obvious to me that no one received this A-Team email. The message I received back was that it was all blocked. I am thinking that it was all the links. So I encourage you, to go to the blog to see this. I had put in a LinkedIn message with many discussions and job offerings. God Willing….the message will have posted there.

See you all this coming week !!!!!

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