Onward !!! Classes resume on Tuesday.

Dear A-Team:

Draping: I do hope you all worked on your patterns this weekend. I know you had some minor adjustments to make. If you got to cut it out, here is some advice: I found that the under arm and the upper arm seams do not match. This is fine. We will take the difference out in the armhole, when we put the cover on it. REMEMBER TO SEW EVERYTHING UP WITH A LONG BASTING STITCH. THERE IS BOUND TO BE MORE FITTING ISSUES TO DEAL WITH. Unsewing basting, is MUCH easier than unsewing default stitching. If you are using sizes 1 – 4 then the armhole covers in your syllabus will work fine. If you are using 5 – 8, those covers will NOT work. I could not Walk Them Off. Walking off a pattern is essential to patternmaking. I will explain this on Wednesday night. So I re-patterned the Armhole covers….. and will pass them out during next Wednesday’s night’s class. For all you who love engineering challenges, I made a hand out explaining how I enlarged the patterns. You can still go ahead and cut your slipcover and arm, if you have your pattern fitting(s) programed back into the pattern. There are 4 students that I didn’t get to fit, last week. They are first up. So I do hope that Vickie, Heather, Annette, and Laura arrive fairly early. BUT…don’t push coming from work. I have sewing machines that can be used to sew in class.

Tailoring: I cry every time I see that movie: Coco before Chanel. I hope you all enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed showing it. I am so happy that it had subtitles !!!!! Otherwise, I could not show the movie in class. I hope you got a lot done while watching the movie with one eye. I worked all day Saturday on the Jacket so I would be ready to show you pad stitching on Tuesday. I also want to show you how to make the shoulder pads. Taping will wait till Thursday. I cut up all my wiggan. Having these one inch bias hair canvas stripes made in advance sure saved me time on Saturday. In order to baste in all my hair canvas details, I had to sew up my princess seams in the front and in the back. I also sewed my center back seam and formed the pleat. I found that everything needed to be pressed with the press cloth over a ham. Remember that the Bespoke Tailoring of the inner structure will only be done on one side. The contemporary tailoring will go very very quick. So Breathe. Everything will fall into place.

REMEMBER YOUR BOOKS ARE DUE BACK THIS TUESDAY !!!!! I finally had the time to prepare the grading sheets. I will give you copies in class next week.

Mildred sent me some interesting website links. Here is the link for Wolf Dress Forms. They are considered the Supreme Dress From for the industry. I adore them. BUT not the price. Check them out at: http://www.wolfform.com Be sure to check the half size dress forms out under Children and Infants. She also sent me a link to a blog. I feel making your own half size is tough to do and I think you can get the same results buying a less expensive dress form. Here is the link to the blog: http://labricoleuse.livejournal.com/161195.html. I also have to mention that Tania sent me a link to great idea. This is from the Center for Pattern Design. http://www.centerforpatterndesign.com/products/MYSIZE-BARBIE-FORM-COVER-PATTERN.html You will need to wait for this site to fully come in. It takes about a minute. BUT…what a terrific idea!!!!! AND she has legs. I will definitely be on the lookout for one of these Barbie’s. Thank you ladies for sharing your finds with me !!!!!!

See you all next week !!!!!

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