News Flash: Upcoming Events !!!

Dear A-Team:

I know you all know that Sew Pro’s is going to the LA Garment District and M & L Fabrics on October 13. If you haven’t gotten your ticket for the bus, yet: Call the Clairemont Store. 1-858-270-4700. The bus trip is worth $45 because you do not have to hassle a car. You don’t have to hassle parking. AND the best part: You can sleep on the bus.

Let me tell you about another event that is truly thrilling if you are even thinking about learning computerized machine embroidery!!!! Central Sewing Centre is teaming up with Anita Goodesign for a two day embroidery event. You will be spoiled by using top notch Babylock embroidery machines. I have attached a flyer for you to download. I also attached a map to Grossmont College, where the event will be held. Park in the parking structure. I’ll see you there !!!!!!  The attachments are at the bottom of this post.

The Courses:

Portfolio Class: Last week, we learned to control our sewing machines and how to sew with the default regular stitch, which you will use the most, and the basting stitch. Then we learned 6 seam finishes !!!! It was 2 days of fun filled learning !!!! This week, we will learn 7 different kinds of seams and what they are used for. Come to class and learn to sew. You will use these skills for a lifetime and then some !!!!!

Drafting Class: We drafted the back bodice and sleeve last week. Of course, there were minor corrections. In Monday night’s class, I have some neat ways to make these minor corrections to show you. We will also be drafting the skirt front and back. I know, you wish there were easier ways to make a sloper. Well….on Wednesday, I will show you. I also revamped the syllabus a bit. I know, last Wednesday, I gave you the page numbers of the upcoming assignments. When I got a minute to think about this…..I changed it a second time. I made a handout of the second changes. I will give it to you on Monday. I KNOW you will like this !!!! Come to class and master a moneymaking skill !!!!

A Few Great Links !!!!

From Threads Newsletter:  BEST TIP FROM KENNETH KING !!!! Pleated Ribbon Trim Free Letter N. It’s ornate and beautiful. It’s from Skeldalehouse applique’ alphabet.

Tuesday’s Tech Tip, September 11, 2012

Storing files ‘in the clouds’ This Tech Tip is emailed to the faculty by two very savvy instructors: Cindy and Donna. They are the ESL Tech Resource Instructors. This is so important to know about. Find out if this is for you.

Today’s tip is about storing files online, which has become more and more popular. Easy access from any computer, tablet, and some smart phones has made this even more attractive. People are moving away from saving everything (e.g. documents, photos, videos) on their computer desktop or removable storage devices (e.g. flash or thumb drives) in order to have the freedom to find, share, and edit files ‘in the clouds.’

Here are two free online places to store files. Both are available for Mac and PC platforms:

1. Dropbox. Started in 2007 by two MIT students. Watch the short video and then download if interested. Free account starts at 2GB of space. Get more space by referring people.

2. Skydrive. Run by Microsoft. Another short video and then download if interested. Free account is 7GB of space.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!

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