Morning Rain Fandango

Dear A-Team:

I was watching the weather real closely for this Fandango Field Trip. The early morning had rain. By 10 AM the sun was out !!!!! Yeah !!!!! I still don’t have an exact count how many students and friends came to the Fandango Field Trip on Saturday, April 14th. Last count was 20 !!! What a day !!! THANK YOU DRIVERS !!!!!!! I didn’t make it home till 9 PM. I found that many students came up without their shopping list. I think everyone will agree, that you need to bring it, next time. I was going crazy trying to help students NOT overspend. Yes, I lost my cool. Again, I apologize. B. Black and Sons did NOT tell us that they had wool for $10 a yard. Instead, they gave us a 25% discount on their regular inventory. At the end, someone pointed out their $10 wools. I can’t even remember who it was. THANK YOU for doing that. I will remember this, for next time. It is a great store. BUT, I didn’t get a chance to show you how to shop the little shops that offer big discounts. After a bite of lunch, we went on to Michael Levine’s. We had a tour of the entire set up. It was fascinating!!! I have handouts for my classes. Plus, she offered us a discount for the day. For those who need to know, they do have 2 Burda #8300 patterns in stock. If you need one, call them. They could mail it to you. A special Kudo to Malvyn who gave me a ride back to the school.

Sew Pro’s will be having a bus trip to LA on May 12th. Yes, I will be on the bus. And yes, I won’t have an agenda so I can show you how the LA Fashion District really works.

Draping: Last Monday, we draped and patterned the basic shift. We learned how to add comfort ease under the arm. Last Wednesday, we had free day. You wanted to see what drafting was all about. So we drafted sleeves. You learned how to insert an elbow dart, notches, grainline, seam allowances, and hem. You also saw what to do when you walk off a sleeve cap to a bodice and it doesn’t fit. This is an important lesson. This is the beginning of design changes in a pattern or block. We will be doing more of this, next September. On Monday, we will be draping and patterning princess torso bodices. This will be fun. Between 5 and 6 PM, I will be checking homework.

Industrial Tailoring: Last Tuesday was day 1 of this class. This will be a small class. So if any of you want to come and sew in this class, there is room. Come and register in class. On Thursday, we cut up industrial tuxedo jackets to see how they were constructed. Thank you, Manuel for the Jackets !!!!! For those of you who could not make it to the fandango on Saturday, the Yardage Town in Clairmont has stocked the iron on hair canvas and pressing cloth fabric. Gwen Couture wants to stock the rest of the supplies. We will discuss on Tuesday, what we need Gwen to carry. This coming Tuesday, we will be cutting out our patterns and trying the patterns on for some basic fit. Then we will cut the main pattern pieces out of muslin or other solid color fabric to further enhance our fitting of our industrially tailored jackets. So we will be fitting patterns and toiles all week.

Check out these Threads Technique Videos:

See you all in class this week !!!!!!

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Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

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