Module 2

Hello A-Team !!!!

Time is really flying by !!! In both my courses, module 2 is starting !!!!

Sew Fun: Last week we made machine buttonholes, turned in our portfolios for grading, and had a class in image consultation. I truly hope you learned something about yourselves. Check out the slide show !!!!! This week, we are going to be cutting out our patterns and trying them on, for a preliminary fit. (Careful, here… may pick up some patternmaking skills.) On Tuesday: Bring your pattern, ¾ inch wide magic tape, paper scissors, highlighter, straight pins, and rulers. Gentlemen: PLEASE BRING WITH YOU A T-SHIRT AND SOME SHORTS, for your fitting session. You should have your fabric by now. I hope you remembered to buy a ¼ yard extra. Remember to pre-shrink everything before cutting. The instructor will be doing the first fittings. Second fittings are to be done with a peer.

Tailoring: Last week, we cut out our jackets, inner structure, lining. This week, you get to make your bound buttonholes, and pockets. You will also need to tailor baste your hair canvas in. Your lapels get pad stitched into your jackets. Your front edges and roll line get twill taped. Pre shrink the twill tape before you come to class.

Links & Things: Stay stitching Knits. Historical fashion turned inside out. Gathering heavy fabrics. A FREE e-book !!!!

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