Midweek A-Team Post

Dear A-Team:

Yes…..I will be holding class this Thursday Night. There is just too much we need to do. I will teach you how to insert a lapped zipper and I will teach you to make buttonholes. AND most of all, I need to grade your portfolio/shoebox. So, there is NO choice, those of you who want to pass Sewing Fundamentals I, need to come. Just, all sit in the back of the room. I have been taking Zicam, real Sudafed, Vitamin C, and Echinacea/Goldenseal, at least every 4 hours. I am thinking of getting Dayquil and Nightquil

I don’t think I will be writing an A-Team email this weekend. I need to sleep off the residual whatever I got. I am improving. By tomorrow, I will look like Rudolf the red nose reindeer…..AND this is an improvement!!!!!! Think twice before getting this year’s flu shot. I want to thank all the well-wishers who emailed me. Thank you !!!!! I got to see Dancing with the Stars on Monday night. I hope you all have seen this. They do such wonderful things with circle and gore skirts!

You all know that I adopt and worry about people. So I have been emailing my former students and friends who are living in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Stratford, Ontario Canada. (The news just doesn’t tell you enough about Sandy, once it leaves the US. So I got an email from a friend of mine. I wish I knew him when I went to college the first time……. This email was from Robert Doyle. Check out what he is up to, now. What a career he has had !!!!!!!!

Bless you for your concern Joan – Stratford was hardly touched by Sandy, lots of rain, but no over-all damage unlike the eastern seaboard. We still have rain, and the drains will fill up and cause some mild flooding, but God has spared us for the moment.

I just finished designing the costumes for Ballet Jorgen’s Swan Lake – go to their site, www.BalletJorgen.ca (Click on videos.) there is a trailer for you to see on Y-Tube, well parts of it. I am pleased with the outcome, especially my new design for the swan tutus. There are about 9 fascinating videos there for you to see the work of a costumer. (Marcine….this is for you !!!! because I can’t get together with you this week.)

Best ever


Tonight is Halloween. Warren went to work today, dressed as Zorro. He will be giving out candy tonight. I want every person safe tonight. Go treat or treating with your kids. Here is some guidelines from the Campus Police Department:


 Children become careless from excitement and may run into the road.

 Dusk is the time of poorest visibility for drivers. Try to Trick or Treat while it is still daylight.

 Choose a costume that is easy to walk in, easy to see out of and can be seen by drivers.

 If the Trick or Treating lasts into the night, wear a light colored costume.

 Use reflective tape on the costume for additional visibility.


 Loose costumes, oversized bags or unsafe shoes can cause falls or accidents.

 Masks reduce vision.

 Sharp or pointed toy weapons are unsafe

 If wearing a mask, choose one that is cool, comfortable and easy to see out of. Take the mask off before crossing the street. Better yet, wear make-up instead of a mask.


 Billowing costumes are dangerous around an open flame.

 Flowing false-hair wigs are unsafe around candles

 Wigs and costumes should be of non-flammable materials.

Use a flashlight. It makes children more visible and lights their way.


 It’s sad, but true, that some people wish to cause harm. Treats must be checked for potential poisoning.

 All fruit should be washed and cut into small pieces to make sure nothing has been placed inside.

 Unpackaged items such as popcorn or small candles should be DISCARDED.

 Candy with loose or torn wrappings should also be DISCARDED.

If you should discover anything wrong with the “TREATS” brought home, report it to law

enforcement so that other parents may be warned and the people responsible caught.


Compliments of:

San Diego Community College District Police Department

Attached please find the flyer and the map to the Anita Goodesign Event that will be going on this weekend. Click on them and print them out. I probably will not be able to go. I need to sleep off this bug that I got. I spoke to Paula and she said that you ONLY need to bring 2 pair of scissors: 1. Applique Scissors, and 2. A curved bent scissor to cut threads in the hoop. I do hope you all have a great time. Paula told me to tell you that you can pay at the door. Just call her up to tell her you are coming, so she counts you for the lunch boxes. 619-447-3244.

I will begin next week where I left off last week, for the Patternmaking students. We will begin with a Blouse pattern. I will also show you the grains on a full size circular skirt I have.

Flat Pattern Manipulation: Last week, we concentrated on Skirts. We completed our first pattern will seam allowances. We learned how to make circle skirts and we made a gore skirt for our portfolios. I forgot to show you a complete circle skirt. You need to see what the grain does. Next week, I will show this to you along with making another pattern. We are going to make our bodice sloper into a blouse pattern. Come and learn how to do this. Yes….there is NO class on Halloween !!!!! (I am just too ill.) We will begin with this, next week.

Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned how to make 3 pockets: an off-set inseam pocket, a lined patch pocket, & an unlined shirt pocket. Last Thursday, we learned how to sew 3 different kinds of hems. We learned the catch stitch/cross stitch, the slipstitch/pick stitch and the blind hem. We even sewed a hem by straight stitch machine. The thing to remember about stitch names is that the same stitch can be called many different names depending on what part of the country you learned it in. Tomorrow……Thursday night, we will learn one lapped zipper and machine buttonholes. If there is time, you can practice this with your knit buttonhole fabric. I will be grading your Portfolios/Shoeboxes.

Next Tuesday, will begin a NEW Class for Sewing Fundamentals I: Using your First Commercial Pattern. This will teach you everything that I could not fit in to the Portfolio course. AND I will be well by next Tuesday………………..

Remember to set your clock back an hour on Saturday Night !!!!!!

See you all in class !!!!!

Make Money with your Skills !©


Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

San Diego Continuing Education

Hospitality & Consumer Science

Fashion Department

Office: 619-588-2244

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