Making It Work


Hello A-Team:

This is an Ode to Tim Gunn. This weekend, I had the opportunity to hear Tim Gunn be interviewed on a radio program.  I also found an article about him in the Washington Post.  He is right.  He is always right.  See the links.  Also, a big Thank You to Amy, who found an anti theft device for our life-size dressforms.  Carol sent in an Youtube video on how jeans are made.  Thank you all contributors !!!!!!

The Classes:

Draping:  Last week, we took personal croqui pictures.  We also measured for our Patterns.  This week:  We will be making croqui and a special pattern for our dress forms with the use of Patternmaker software.  Remember to bring a fairly new, or new tape measure and your USB !!!!! 

Upcycling:  We did Fabric Burn Tests.  What fun.  We also worked on cutting our fabric for our Advanced Sewing Operations Portfolios.  This week, we will finish working on our Portfolio patterns.  AND we will begin to have our Textile Presentations.  Bring your upcycling to class, so we talk about it.

Flat Pattern Manipulation:  We will finish making complete first patterns that will be used to cut our muslin toile samples to check the fit on our half scale dressforms.  If everything goes well, we will be able to make our final manila master sloper patterns toward the end of class.  Because of this, we pushed back our Knock-Off project.

Sew Fun 1:  We finished cutting our Sewing Techniques portfolio patterns.   When fusing, it is necessary to let go and let the fabric!!!!! We started learning to care for serger sewing machines and learned how to use them.  This coming week, we will concentrate on learning how to mark our patterns with symbols that will help us sew.


Tim Gunn:   Washington Post Article.  Radiio Interview with Tim Gunn.

Anti Theft Devices:   I bought one to attach to my form model so that I don’t need to worry about it “disappearing”; if it does, it can be tracked down. There are several types that I looked at; Tile is very popular but I was not happy with it being a disposable unit – good for a year and then you toss as the battery cannot be replaced.  I opted for the latest XY3 because of the mapping feature, the app is free for IOS & Android phones (no monthly service charge), and you can run the app in the background so it does not eat up your phone battery life.



How jeans are manufactured:  Thank you for sending this, Carol.

See you all in class !!!!!!