Life is best lived in a state of hopeful anticipation. Tammy Noble.

Hello A-Team:

In our fussy cutting class this week, we will be reading and understanding our Pattern Guides.  Sometimes, you agree with the instructions, and sometimes you won’t.  This reading just makes sense of everything.  We will also be working on our sleeve placket samples.  Of course, this week, there will be time to finish up our fabric layouts and cut.  I know, that fussy cutting takes time, it took me 2 days to match my plaid and layout my pattern pieces.  I cut the secondary fabric and the interfacing.  I only had time to layout my pattern pieces on the plaid.  And even with doing this, I have some piecing to do.  I will explain all of this in class.

Links and Things:

Christine was nice enough to share this link with us.  It shows how to put in the sleeve placket.  Being that it is from YouTube, it is closed captioned.    This is only part 1.  Part 2 follows part 1.

Here is a fabulous link concerning Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses.  Such a treat for the eyes.  Thank you Barbara for sending this to me.

Here is a great article from Threads Magazine Online concerning inputting invisible zippers in knit fabrics.

See you all in class !!!!!