Last Week and This Week

Hello A-Team:

Veteran’s Day empowers me to do a lot of thinking. I do hope that all of you spent some time thinking of the sacrifices that our military makes for us. As I am getting older, I am more and more in awe of our armed forces. Don’t ask me what was going on when I was in my 20’s. That was another lifetime ago…………………

Using your first commercial pattern: I just didn’t get through all the pattern fittings last week. We are losing a class this week. So, as I state in my syllabi: My Syllabus is ALWAYS subject to change. I am going to push the classes back a day.

I will continue with the fittings, this Wednesday, Nov 13. I will check grainlines, layouts and you can cut at home. Make sure you rough cut your patch pockets double. I want you all to read your pattern guides and make notes in the margins. I will start the help list where we left off last Wednesday…………………

On Monday, November 18, we will do TLC for the school’s machines and go over pattern guides which are just guides…..not anything more. This is the class that you should bring your sewing machine to.

On Wednesday, November 20, I will demonstrate fusing interfacing, serging, and marking. On December 2, we will be learning about machine embroidery.

Computer Patternmaking: We are still in the midst of making our final project patterns. For those of you who have finished….I have an extra-curricular project for you. I do hope you like it. This Tuesday we will be doing a burn test on Sauvignon’s fabric. The help list will start with Anet. Frances and I need to recheck her linings. And, because it is me, I want to share my fitting problems and tell you how I am going to handle them. Some can be handled with the measurements. Some need to be handled in the patterns.

Here is a link to the best undergarment fitting place in the San Diego Area:

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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