Last Week and Going Forward !!!!!

Hello A-Team:

Last Week was a busy week for my Sew Like a Pro: Upcycling Course. We finished our Upcycling Projects with 3 segments on Fox 5 News. The catch was, that we needed to be ready for the shoot at 5 AM. And we all made it there !!!! The pictures are all from that event. The picture with Major Henry in it, was taken by Rhonda !!! Thank you, Rhonda !!!!! Next week, we start Module 3: The Sewing Operations Portfolio. On Monday, come prepared to finish cutting the patterns, fabric, fuse and serge. And Thanks to Tiffany, I have all 3 segments to show you from Fox 5 News. At the end of this post, find the syllabus REVISION. I am also going to give this as a handout, in class.

Last week, in Sewing Fundamentals, we only had one class, due to the holiday. This class, last Thursday, also started Module 3. We are cutting out our patterns and having our first pattern fitting. Once you do this, and make the pattern corrections, you are ready to cut your pre-shrunk fabric and interfacing. Pattern fittings will continue on Tuesday. I will also go over some more pattern fitting ‘fit fixes.’ Next Thursday, we should all be straightening our fabric grains of our pre-shrunk fabric and interfacing. Once you lay out your patterns, on grain, just let me know and I will check and give you the okay to cut your fabric.

Would you believe that this is the last week of classes before Thanksgiving Break????? Time is certainly moving fast !!!!!!

FALL 2014

Instructor:  Joan McKenna

Sew Like a Pro !

Upcycling for Fit – REVISION !!!!!  

Module 3:  Advanced Sewing Operations Portfolio

 Mon  Nov 17 – Prep Work:   Come to class with your Sewing Operations patterns and fabric cut.  Do NOT cut your bias fabric.  Do NOT cut Sewing Operations Pattern Pages:  17-21.  (I will teach these operations during my Spring Tailoring course.)  Just cut the skirt patterns out.  I want to teach you how to fussy cut.  We will cut all the interfacings in class.


Demo & Do in class:  Fusing interfacing with a press cloth, Serging, and Marking:  Commandment #14:  Thine Iron is Thy Friend.  Homework:  Finish up what you didn’t get to complete in class.  Individual and Group Help.  Remember to bring Scrap Fabric to all classes plus all your cut out fabric pattern pieces and patterns.  Individual and Group Help.


See YOUR new Grading Sheet for what we will be doing when.

Write in the Date Completed on your grading sheets for your portfolio. 

Keep & count all trials, failures, and successes in your portfolio !!!!!


REVISED : Advanced Sewing Operations Portfolio Needs: 

2 ¼ yards light weight Woven Plaid.  45” wide.  The plaid MUST be an EVEN plaid.  See Example.

(3 or more yards if you are making McCall’s 3830 skirt pattern.)

3 yards woven solid colored inexpensive Light Denim fabric – 45” wide.

(This includes extra for shrinkage???)

1 yard of light fusible (iron-on) woven interfacing – 22 ½ inches wide.

1 yard fusible white Nylon or Polyester Tricot  22 ½ inches wide.  (Sometimes called French Fuse)  J

½ yard Tear Away Stabilizer  (1 package Sulky’s Tear-Easy is fine)

Knit fabric scraps  (Don’t go out and buy this.  Only what you have lying around.)  J

NON-Matching GOOD QUALITY  polyester-cotton  thread**** 

****Gϋtermann’s, Molnyke, Mettler, Dual Duty

            NEVER buy cheap thread   (I.E.  Do NOT buy:  Two Spools for a $1 threads.)

1   9 – 11 inch Jeans/Trouser zipper that does not match your fabric

2 yards light cording for bound buttonholes and piping

Gimp   J

One Fancy Box or shoe box

1 Gallon size Ziploc baggie

2 inch by 18 inch clear plastic C-Thru grid ruler

Bobbin(s) for the sewing machine you are going to use:

One bobbin for Pfaff 2036/C1100Pro, or Bernina 130.


REVISED:  Future Classes and Events:

Spring 2015:    Sewing Fundamentals & Tailoring.  Sew Pro’s Next LA trip:  March 14th, 2015.

May 2015:  FASHION SHOW !!!!  Not put on by the school.  They will put on a show every 2 years.

Tentative Summer 2015:  Sew Like a Pro:  Sew to Fit a Vogue Pattern.  ½ Semester course.

Sew Like a Pro: Make Money with Your Skill – Textile Surface Embellishment.

Two ½ Semester courses.

Tentative Fall 2015:  Sewing Fundamentals & Draping.                                                              →


Student Name:                                                                             Date:


REVISED:  Advanced Sewing Operations Portfolio Grading Sheet

Presentation        Student

       Date            Completed


M  11-17    1.  _______    Prep Work for Module 3


W  11-19   2.  _______  1   Knife pleat sample

______   3.  _______   1   Box pleat sample

______   4.  _______   1   Release tuck sample


Thanksgiving Break.  Final Week in November:  November 24 – 28, 2014.  No Classes.   


M  12-1     5.  _______    1   Knife kick pleat

______   6.  _______    1   Making single mitered corners:  Hems & Sleeve vents

______   7.  _______    1   Inverted kick pleat


W  12-3    8.  _______   1  Bias preparation

______   9.  _______   1  Fussy Cutting on grain plaid skirt

______ 10.  _______   1   Fussy Cutting bias plaid skirt



M  12-8     11.  _______  Cutting and Making Bias for bindings and piping


W  12-10   12.  _______  1   Making self-piping

______   13   _______  1    Making tubing



W  12-15   14.  _______  1   Sew on grain plaid skirt

______   15.   _______ 1   Sew bias plaid skirt



M  12-17  16.  _______   Croqui Class in Computer room 203.  Make a personal croqui to design on.


Winter Break:  December 18 – January 3, 2015.  No Classes.


M  1-5       17.  _______  1   Making bias binding without ironing tool and with ironing tool

______   18.  _______  1   Making bias binding with bias maker

______   19.  _______  1   Making double mitered corners in bias bindings:  Quilts & baby blankets


W  1-7      20.  _______   1  Learning to sew one piece facings


M  1-12     21.  _______  1   Continuous placket for a shirt sleeve

______   22.  _______  1   Tailored men’s shirt sleeve placket


W  1-14    23.  _______   1  Jeans Fly Zipper


Martin Luther King’s Birthday.  Monday, January 19, 2015.  No Class.


W  1-21    24.  _______   1  8 ½ x 11 in. woven interfaced sandwich for CORDED buttonhole practice & perfection.

_______   25.  _______  1 knit interfaced sandwich for knit buttonhole practice & perfection.


There is a possibility of 25 samples for your Advanced Sewing Operations portfolio.  You are expected to have all the samples.  Do NOT stress over this.  This portfolio is only the beginning.  You will be adding to it as your sewing knowledge grows.


I certify that I have __________ samples.