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Hello A-Team:  

Motivational Quote:  Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning to dance in the rain.  Unknown Author.

Do YOU know how to fix this common                          pattern problem????

Learning to sew means that the above problem will never ever happen to you again !!!!  Sounds too good to be true???  Come to class and learn !!!!  Knowledge is power !!!!  Knowledge is a skill that can be sold for profit  in the job market, along with confidence and courage.

Sewing Techniques Portfolio:  Last week, we finished up learning all about sewing prep.  I hope you all realize how important this is.  Without it, nothing, and I do mean nothing, gets done well.  And of course, as the instructor, I want all my students to be stopped in their daily routine and asked, “That’s a fantastic shirt, pants vest, etc.”   Later on in the semester, you will learn how to fix the problem in the picture.  This will occur in Module 2.  We also practiced TLC for sewing machines.  We learned the difference between basting and default stitching.  We mastered a technique to sew knit fabric with a straight stitch sewing machine with the famous 2 x 2 mm stitch.  Next week, we will start learning how to do seam finishes and all kinds of crazy seams.  Plus we will discover how to handle darts………

Computer Patternmaking:  Last week:  We started manufacturing our initial sloper garments in our Patternmaker Software.  This will be a bodice and a pair of darted pants.  Once our personal measurement table checks out, all the macros in Patternmaker are there to be utilized.   This week, we will continue with this.  By next Thursday, we need to have all the seam allowances,  all the text, extra notches put on, and then….we need to place the pattern pieces on 36 inch wide x 108 inches long “paper” inside the Patternmaker program.  Then we get to PDF this.  Put it on your USB and off you go to get the pattern printed at your local Staples or Fed Ex.  

Remember:  Next Saturday, October 10, is a Fandango Field Trip to the LA Garment District.  If you want to go, call Sew Pro’s to pay for your ticket on the bus.  1-858-279-2500. 

Links:  You know, most of the links I give to you, I think are great.  This one, is no different.  Only, I swear to you, do NOT use any kind of pins when you use a serger.  I don’t care where you put them.  This is an accident waiting to happen.  This being said, I feel the video has some terrific tricky fabric techniques to share:  If you do not have an embroidery machine:  Start collecting freebie embroideries in the PES format.  It is the most universal.  

Sensible Advice:  For the school district and all of us !!!!!

From: Kent 
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 4:18 PM
Subject: Email, Internet and Identity Reminders

For District-wide Distribution:

Every Fall term, I like to send out a reminder that hackers, spammers and identity thieves have spent their summer thinking about us!

Please remember to be careful and to scrutinize the emails you receive and open.  If you don’t know the sender, or you rarely, if ever, receive emails from the sender and the subject doesn’t look right, then don’t open it.

Also, don’t click on any internet hyperlinks within the emails if they look suspicious.  (Remember, you can usually move your mouse curser over the hyperlink to see the actual URL.   If you don’t recognize the URL and/or it does not match the sender email domain, it’s probably not legitimate and the email should be deleted.)

Remember my Internet motto.  Whether from an email or a website, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

District IT and all other reputable companies will never ask you for your network or login account ID, or your password via email or on a web form.  Please remember this whether you are at work, or on your home computer doing your personal business.  Your name and email address are usually not considered Personal Identifiable Information, but your address, phone number, bank accounts, credit cards, mother’s maiden name, passwords, etc., should always be protected.

Lastly, please protect your email account and never share your password.  One compromised district email account which is used for spamming can impact our “email reputation” causing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., to either slow down our email delivery (referred to as tar pitting) or block it completely for a day or two.  You can imagine the panic this causes for our faculty and students at the beginning of the term!

Anyhow, I hope I haven’t scared you too much but safe computing has to be a way of life as our personal digital footprints continue to grow exponentially.


Director, Information Technology

See you all in class this week !!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

San Diego Continuing Education

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Fashion Department

Office:  619-588-2244