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Dear A-Team:

I have been reading my emails all evening and I have discovered that some of you didn’t realize that on MONDAY, January 16th, 2012, is a holiday. THE SCHOOL IS CLOSED !!!!! CLASSES WILL RESUME ON TUESDAY, January 17th, 2012. Monday is a legal holiday in celebration of Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Don’t come to any classes on MONDAY. Come on Tuesday.

Also note: That Tania reminded me that there is a NEW Project Runway….without Tim Gunn and without Heidi Klum. No Michael Kors. No Nina Garcia. It is a great show. It is called “Project Runway – All Stars.” Past contestants are back……….. It truly is a better show. It is on Thursdays at 9 PM……….I caught it on a Tuesday at 11 PM. I was thrilled !!!!! Thank you for reminding me, Tania !!!!!

We have 2 weeks left for classes. Come and finish up. The last day of each class, I will view your projects and grade them. I will also take pictures. If I don’t have the pictures, I won’t be able to support the grade. It is very very important that you come to the last class of each class you are taking.

Niche Marketing and Computerized Machine Embroidery: There is no class on Monday. There is no class on Wednesday. I am going to go and get Emergency Training for 3 days. I need to be at the training center at 8 AM in the morning. This will be fun !!! A big change for me. This also means that this combined class NEEDS to work on your final projects at home for this week. We will meet again on MONDAY, January 23rd. The zodiac project should be ready to string. The marketing plan should just need some final touch ups. Last week, Mildred did a wonderful tassel demonstration. It was so good, I am going to take this to my Sewing Fundamentals course. It is easy and a terrific finish for our tote bags. THANK YOU, MILDRED !!!!!!

Using a Commercial Pattern: Yes, there is class on Tuesday and Thursday this week. I will be teaching Tuesday, January 17th. Jaci Gibson Henri will be subbing for me on Thursday, January 19th. You will adore her!!!!!! You need to work on your projects. You need to show me your completed projects. You need to come to class the final week. This is a graded course. Without the hours and completed tote bag project, I cannot give you a good grade. I will be taking pictures of your completed projects to back up my grading on the last day of class.

Last week, we had a catch up day and then we started our sewing machine covers. I taught you a wonderful way to back “permanent holes” in garments and projects. REMEMBER: The sewing machine cover has become extra credit along with the plastic velcro’d bag insert. So if you don’t get to the sewing machine cover….don’t worry about it. Keep making your tote bag. In-between teaching the sew along…..I will answer your questions and concerns……

For those of you who are going on to the sewing machine cover, remember to check the fit of the cover with your machine. My cover is 4 inches too long. I decided to use this to my advantage, by making extra pockets to stuff things in. If you don’t like the look, do not hesitate to cut off the excess after leaving a good ½ inch hem.

Free Embroidery Designs:

Very creative Button Art.

See you all in class !!!!!!!

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