If You Don’t Succeed…..Try, Try, Try Again !!!!!

Hello A-Team:


I have Terrific News to report: Jocelyn Passed the California Bar Exam !!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF HER !!!!!!!!!!!

Other noteworthy items: We have 3 weeks till the end of the Spring Semester. Time is getting down to the wire for our final projects. We are all working on them so hard !!! The Sew Funclass, is ahead this year. We are manufacturing skirts with industrial methods for an orphanage in Honduras. Such a learning experience !!!! I wrote an “Order of Operations” so that the sewing will go really quick. I am including pictures of what manufacturing looks like in the maquiladoras in Mexico. It never changes much. This is how it is done worldwide.

There is no class on Monday, May 25, Memorial Day. Then there is only 2 weeks left. The Tailoring class is holding a Pot Luck/Show and Tell with the Hat Class on Monday, June 1. Because the time is getting so short, my blog posts will be a bit sporadic until the new semester. I still need to prep for the new class.

I have a video to share with you. It is just compelling. It is all about how Kimonos are painted. This is just unbelievable !!!! The video is beautifully done. At the end, YouTube, gives you options for more videos that I am sure you will like !!!!!


See you all in class !!!!!